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Top 10 Quietest Circular Saw Reviews: There’s No Need For Hearing Protections Anymore (Updated 2024)

Even though a circular saw is the one indispensable weapon of every woodsman, many have to admit that it’s a pain in the neck when the process of cutting wood and materials can be irritatingly noisy. Therefore, we conducted thorough research with professional woodworkers to find the quietest circular saw available in the market right now. 

With the quietest circular saw sitting in your woodworking space, you won’t have to worry about how the noise bothers your family or neighbors. Moreover, you wouldn’t have to wear hearing protection anymore as they can be inconvenient at times, such as how you won’t have a single clue if your colleague is calling out to you due to some urgent news. We think getting the quietest circular saw for your workspace is the right choice for the reasons above. You may find our list of reviews below rather helpful! 

Quietest Circular Saw Comparison 2024

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Top 10 Quietest Circular Saw Reviews 2024

Makita 5402NA 16-5/16-Inch Circular Saw

[amazon box=”B0000614UR” ]

This fantastic circular saw product is unquestionably our favorite model of all time. Equipped with a 15.0 AMP motor and delivering a cutting speed performance at 2200RPM, the Makita 5402NA can easily cut through pressure-treated wood like thunder. This is a mighty machine; even its intimidating and enormous appearance indicates so, but as we tested the tool, it’s relatively simple to use. All thanks to the hassle-free blade changing function. 

This circular saw has surprisingly easy maintenance, which is a helpful factor for a heavy-duty model. We looked through its structure and it’s true that the tool’s definitely built to bear against all odds. In addition, the Makita 5402NA also comes with a couple of high-end features that you normally don’t find on these types of models. More reasons for this to make it to the top of our list.

Nevertheless, the thing that makes this product our favorite model is its low noise level at only 87dB, making it the perfect quietest circular saw option for carpenters who are on the look for the beast that can cut through big-deal timbers. 


  • Great for cutting large dimensional woods
  • Easy maintenance 
  • User-friendly 


  • Heavy and bulky machine 
  • High price 

Makita 5377MG 7-1/4″ Magnesium Hypoid Saw

[amazon box=”B000N5UR5A” ]

The Makita 5377MG has a 15.0 AMP motor, delivering 4500 RPM, and can cut through all kinds of complex timber bases in just a few blinks. Without a single doubt, this quietest circular saw is the most powerful tool ever—it was born to handle your most challenging project despite its compactness and built-in compressed winding technology to support its small size. Furthermore, magnesium components are the correct route for durable and lightweight saws. 

The cuts you create with this tool are exceptionally smooth and fast; you can even make flawlessly straight cut lines without a need for the guide or edge in addition to that. The Makita 5377MG’s adjustments are easy to make, and it has incredible worm drives, allowing fellow woodworkers to tear through hardwoods without any difficulty.

Moreover, the saw is quieter than most sidewinders, and its noise level is surprisingly pleasant, so there won’t be much noise disturbance during your working process. We simply love this small yet powerful machine. It’s going to be worth every penny of yours.


  • Best price for its high quality 
  • Powerful and well-balanced structure  
  • Straight and fast cuts 
  • Easy-to-make adjustments 


  • Doesn’t come with electric brake 

Oil might leak at times 

DEWALT 20V MAX Circular Saw (DCS565B) 

[amazon box=”B08KYM6GW6″ ]

This may just be the best quietest circular saw that is cordless. The DEWALT DCS565B has a powerful brushless motor and can achieve maximum productivity with little effort, resulting in superb cutting performance in a vast range of materials. One significant feature of this design is the electric brake. Once you release the trigger, the electric brake will stop the blade immediately, ensuring ultimate safeness. 

The saw’s compact size allows users to handle it effortlessly. While many people assume that smaller saws mean fewer features, this is not the case for the DCS565B model as its cutting performance is rather fantastic. However, we have to admit that small and agile saws like this product are convenient at times. Especially if you want to have a quick cut of something, storing a DEWALT DCS565B in your home is a great idea. 

On another note, we also recommend this product as a good sheet woodcutter. Additionally, it has a distinctive feature of a left-facing blade, so if that’s your preference, we would love to nominate this model as a beautiful purchase.


  • Best for fast and quick wood cutting
  • Portability delivers convenience and ease of use 
  • Outstanding electric brake feature 
  • Brushless technology 


  • Trigger might needs improvement

DEWALT FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE 20V MAX Circular Saw Cordless, Tool Only (DCS573B)

[amazon box=”B08J8DZYT1″ ]

The second DEWALT quietest circular saw model that made it to our list; the DEWALT DCS573B also comes in a compact size and has a solid brushless motor, delivering up to 5500RPM for an optimized, fast cutting performance. The saw is supposed to give you exceptional cutting speed, after all.  Even though it’s a cordless model, the tool inherits all the great potential you would find in a corded package. 

Additionally, this circular saw’s Flexvolt Advantage Technology has surely provided us with a more fantastic power boost than ever, resulting in the utmost perfect timber cutting and tearing performance. Generally, cordless saws perform quieter than typical circular saws. Another cordless model, the DEWALT DCS573B, will surely give you a more pleasant timber cutting experience than other products. 

The ergonomics of this product are also worth consideration. We love how comfortable it feels when we hold the primary handler in our hands as it just fits so well. The placement of push-in trigger safety is appropriate and handy. Overall, we are satisfied! 


  • Best cordless circular saw model 
  • Efficient wood cutting performance 
  • Excellent ergonomic grip placement 
  • High-quality built


  • Motor placement might be hard to get used to 
  • Low vibration control 

DEWALT 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with Electric Brake, 15-Amp (DWE575SB)

[amazon box=”B007QUZ16A” ]

This is the best, quietest circular saw design that comes in a small, convenient size. Its lightweight helps to minimize the chances of feeling exhausted or burning your arms and wrists from holding the tool for too long. At first glance, you might think this tool seems rather bland since its appearance shares a lot of similarities to other DEWALT models in our list. Don’t underestimate it just yet; the DEWALT DWE575 is packed with lots of fantastic features! 

The saw has a 15.0 AMP motor providing quality cuts and can slice through various types of wood. We suggest this as an excellent buy for beginners due to its compactness and handy features. However, it also makes a great choice for professionals or intermediate craftsmen interested in lightweight circular saws. Honestly, this is just the most amazing quietest circular saw.

On top of that, the noise level of this model has been upgraded to reduce the noisiness. Hence, there’s no need for hearing protection gears when cutting wood with the saw. You’re going to enjoy your experience working with this product, guaranteed. 


  • Compact and lightweight 
  • Perfect fit for both beginners and professional carpenters 
  • Advanced electric brake system 


  • Base plate needs stability improvement 
  • Doesn’t have rip fence 

DEWALT 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw, Lightweight (DWE575) 

[amazon box=”B007QUZ106″ ]

Another lightweight DEWALT circular saw model; this tool also has various marvelous factors that give it a position in our review list. First of all, the saw comes with a 15.0 AMP motor that’s powerful enough to handle the most demanding applications, which is incredible for a tool at its size.  

The DEWALT DWE575 has an impressive tough cord, which helps strengthen the saw’s durability against cord pull-outs. On top of that, it has a strongly-made Aluminum smooth base, offering accuracy in cutting limbers and its decent depth of cut capacity provides versatility in its applications. 

Moreover, the design comes at a perfectly affordable price for its handy features, so for all of these wonderful factors, we highly recommend this as the best quietest circular saw product if you are a DIYer. 


  • Lightweight and well-built 
  • Best adjustable quietest circular saw for DIY woodworkers 
  • Affordable price 
  • Long cord 


  • Doesn’t come with electronic brake 
  • Blade doesn’t line up with base 

Rockwell Versacut 4.0 Amp Ultra-Compact Circular Saw RK3440K

[amazon box=”B0052EK78O” ]

If you are searching for the quietest circular saw that is efficient and easy to operate simultaneously, we strongly recommend the Rockwell RK3440K. It has a 4.0 AMP motor and built-in laser guide, which practically comes in handy when you’re working to achieve those flawlessly aligned cuts. This tool’s neat and slim design has again provided portability and ease of use and proved itself to be the excelling option for a tight workspace. 

Furthermore, the saw has a reputation for being a versatile, multi-functional tool that will definitely be useful in many situations. The cutting power of this quietest circular saw model is quite adequate, with the cutting speed being 3500 RPM. It can cut through commonly-used materials for home projects such as plastic, metal, or woods. 

In addition, the ergonomic design of the Rockwell RK3440K allows comfort through the slim-built grip handle and the enhanced control and grip functions—now can be guided with just one hand. Simply favorable.


  • Great ergonomics 
  • Multi-functional and ultra-compact design 
  • Excellent versatility 


  • Not recommended to use on long-lasting projects  
  • Safety switch needs improvement  

Makita XSS02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 6-1/2″ Circular Saw

[amazon box=”B00NOZ08BY” ]

This Makita-built motor can deliver up to 3700 RPM for a faster wood ripping and cutting performance. If you have a passion for traditional plug-in circular saws, we would love to nominate this product as a great pick. 

The Makita XSS02Z has plenty of power, definitely one of the most powerful machines on the list that we have tested out, and the depth adjustments also deserve great recognition. However, we are most impressed by its blade swapping system, which is splendidly well-built and stands out among other quietest circular saw models.


  • Ease of use
  • Has the best blade replacement system
  • Great choice for sheeting and ripping planks


  • Battery life and quality could need more advancements
  • Shoe adjustment function is quite old-fashioned   

Rockwell 4-1/2” Compact Circular Saw with Dust Port and Starter Kit– RK3441K

[amazon box=”B00GTEU0M4″ ]

This Rockwell RK3441K circular saw model is equipped with a 5.0 AMP motor and cutting speed of 3500 RPM. One interesting factor of this specific model is its blade design, which appears to be thinner and lighter than most of the blades with a similar structure. It doesn’t necessarily mean all the bad things as such features of the blade contribute to more efficient cutting performance. 

Nevertheless, the circular saw presents itself as a compact tool. Once again, another little soldier who has successfully proved itself to have more values than what it seems to be. This quietest circular saw has many fascinating functions, from the easy depth setting for accessibility and a much more effortless bevel adjustment to the spindle lock button, enabling safe and fast blade changes. 

We love the most about this product because it comes at a perfectly reasonable and affordable price so everyone can afford a Rockwell RK3441K in their garage. Moreover, we think this also makes an excellent fit for DIYers due to the versatility and great possibilities of a compact tool the saw owns. 


  • Great for small projects 
  • Excellent versatility of a compact tool 
  • Precise rip fence and cutting feature 


  • Thin blade might not be suitable for every user 
  • Button location is quite inconvenient

1400w Circular Saw 185mm Laser Guide Woodwork Electric

[amazon box=”B01MDS8PXM” ]

This quietest circular saw product leaves an unforgettable impression on us. Its average noise level is 95.5dB, so we find the amount of noise reduction this model’s ability to manage is quite fascinating. The 1400w Circular Saw has a cutting speed of 4500RPM and is equipped with a laser guide for easier control of cutting accuracy. 

On the other hand, the saw comes with high-quality spare blades that are absolutely suitable for everyday use. The blades have been specifically designed to ensure a long-lasting and durable experience, so we assume that many woodworkers and DIYers will find this convenient and time-saving. 

We would like to nominate this circular saw product as a great suggestion for craftsmen who frequently work with chipboards, hardwood, softwood, or other composite materials. 


  • Great cutting accuracy feature 
  • Excellent quality of spare blades 


  • None

Buying Guide: How To Know Which One Is The Quietest Circular Saw

quietest circular saw

More than just a necessary item of a DIYer’s woodworking toolkit, a circular saw is every self-claimed craftsman’s best friend. Circular saws are extremely powerful tools that can effortlessly rip through all kinds of materials and wooden boards. For that very reason, many carpenters love to use circular saws for woodworking operations and purposes such as crafting furniture, building dog houses,… Nevertheless, they are the most common sawing tool for DIY woodworkers due to the convenience, versatility and the ability to make straight, precise cut lines at a fast speed. 

Whether you are new to the game of craftsmanship or have been into it for a while now, it will always be essential to take notes on the significance of why you should be choosing the quietest circular saw instead of just typical, ordinary saws. 

Woodworking operations will always produce the most ear-aching, annoyingly loud noises that nobody wants to hear for a long time, not even the carpenter himself. Even if you’re sawing woods in your garage, the noise can still disturb your family members, pets, or on a more serious note: neighbors. And, well, nobody wants to piss their neighbor off. 

So the best solution right now is to purchase the quietest circular saw in the market. That way, not only will you be able to do your job without bothering anyone but you can also have a pleasant wood cutting experience without a need for hearing protection gears nor ear-aching noises. 

With that being said, our team has looked through and prepared a list of aspects that you should consider before deciding on which quietest circular saw you should get. Read on! 

Noise Level

Obviously, this would be the first factor you should look for when purchasing the quietest circular saw! Each circular saw model is designed differently, thus resulting in a different range of noise levels. You can check out the products’ noise level in the product descriptions provided by the company and manufacturers themselves. Here’s a helpful fact for you in case you missed it before: cordless circular saws are generally quieter than other saws so perhaps cordless models are what you are looking for in some cases. 

Nonetheless, the products listed in our reviews are proven to have quieter operations compared to other models so to save you some time, you can consider picking one from the list! 

Sidewinder and Worm Drive 

quietest circular saw

People tend to make comparisons between the two motor alignments to see which one is better than another yet in reality, it all depends on the buyer’s intentions and preferences. Sidewinder saws have their motors installed in line with the blade, resulting in weight reduction of the saw and allows the tool to work at a rapid speed. 

On the other hand, worm drive models have their motors in the saw’s rear and thus, these saws tend to be bigger and weigh more than sidewinders. Due to this, worm drives typically don’t perform as fast as its “opponent,” but in contrast, they are the best when it comes to beefing up the torque. 

In conclusion, sidewinders are your go-to models if you are looking for a circular saw that excels at speed, compactness, and ease of use. If you prefer torque and powerful machines, worm drives make the perfect companion. 


One of the main keys to picking out the most perfect quietest circular saw products is the power of the machine. The more powerful it is, the better its performance will be and that’s what a majority of carpenters dream of: fast and ease of use as well as the ability to handle all sorts of composite materials. 

In general, sellers and companies would provide information on the model’s RPM and APM ratings. We highly recommend that you purchase the tool with an average of 15.0 APM motor and a spinning speed of 4500RPM, which most of the products listed in our reviews have. 

Depth Adjustment 

quietest circular saw

Easy depth adjustments are essential to take a look at. You should be able to change the depth of your cuts up to your liking, depending on the project’s requirements and specifications. To do so, you would need to loosen a lever while moving the shoe up or down at the same time. As not all circular saws come with convenient depth adjustment features, we advise you to examine this factor carefully. 

The quietest circular saw will only be ideal and fits your preferences if it allows you to make easy depth adjustments. That way, the process of cutting through woods and other materials can be much faster and easier, all for your priorities. 

Safety Features

Circular saws are actually quite dangerous to handle if you aren’t familiar with them. Therefore, selecting the easy to maintain and use model is another key factor you have to consider before buying your own circular saw. Despite that, you still need to look for the safety features equipped with the product. No matter how much of a professional you are, put yourself and your safety first before anything else. 

With that being said, here’s the checklist of all the essential safety features your circular saw you have: 

  • A straightforward and clear view of line cutting during the timber cutting process 
  • Spindle locks to secure safe switching of blades
  • Accurate blade cutting depth 
  • Well-balanced shoe or base made from high-quality materials 
  • Integrated dust blowers

Frequently Asked Questions 

quietest circular saw

If circular saws can be quite dangerous to beginners, what should I do to prevent possible accidents? 

Aside from checking for the safety features of your chosen model and making sure that you fully understand their functions, we strongly recommend that you do not place any loose or hanging items directly in front of the saw’s blade. In addition, you can buy a pair of safety goggles to protect your eyes and gloves to protect your hands. Last but not least, always pay attention to your woodworking operations and never zone out. 

What kind of cuts can I make with a circular saw?  

To answer your questions, you can make three types of cuts using a circular saw: rip cuts, crosscuts, and miter cuts. 

Rip cuts are created with the grain of the wood or along the length of the board. Crosscuts are made across the grain of the wood or across the width of the board. Meanwhile, miter cuts are made diagonally across the grain of the wood and similar to crosscuts, they can also be made across the width of the board.

Anyways, these three are just the main cuts that you are likely to come across the most. There are still other cuts that you can make with a circular saw. 

What can I do to make sure that my wood cutting lines are straight and smooth?  

The guide rail is specifically designed for this purpose so the easiest method is to make use of it during your woodworking process. Moreover, you can steer clear of over-pushing the circular saw. Get it clamped down instead! 

Here is a helpful video for your woodworking interest: 

Our Top 5 Picks Of The Quietest Circular Saw 

It’s undeniable that circular saws are gradually taking over the woodworking industry as one of the handiest, convenient and powerful tools that can handle most wood projects with ease.  

There are just too many circular saws products in the market, it’s rather complicated and time-consuming to make comparisons and determine the best and quietest circular saw available right now. We know it’s tons of work to do, so by reading through our detailed list of reviews, we hope you get a gist of it and understand how circular saw functions better! 

In case you haven’t decided on which one to get yet, here are our final picks of the top 5 quietest circular saw as suggestion for you:

[amazon table=”47209″]

In conclusion, we think that the Makita 5402NA circular saw is undoubtedly the best quietest circular saw model in 2021. 

First thing first, the saw is able to cut through hardwood and pressure treated timbers like hot knife through butter, which is magnificently advantageous and timely. Its bulky build and structure is totally worth it; the tool simply has the most impressive amount of power we came across during our product testing process. 

That’s not just it! Despite its intimidating appearance, as we mentioned above, it’s surprisingly easy to maintain and get familiarized with the saw, so we just fall in love with it even harder. However, the most important factor should always be that the saw is literally made for quiet operation, ultimately leading it to our top pick of the quietest circular saw design. 

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