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Lane is a sophomore at Ridgefield High School. She founded the National School Walkout and remains Executive Director as well as spokeswoman. She sees this movement as the first great accomplishment of her generation, and expects many more. Lane believes in The Absurd. When she isn’t taking calls or organizing, Lane shoots film, goes to concerts, wears platforms and generally causes a bit of #goodtrouble.


Paul is a senior at Ridgefield High School. He is the Communications Director and handles communication and outreach for the National School Walkout. Outside of working on the movement, Paul is an avid baseball fan, wanderlust, and devoted partner to his adopted cat, Corey. He also enjoys getting in arguments with Max about politics. He doesn’t know where he’s going to college.


Grant is a junior at Ridgefield High School. He is the Media Strategist for the National School Walkout, helping the team to develop a presence on social media that authentically reflects the passion and perspective of the individuals behind the National School Walkout. Grant is an avid hiker, reader, photographer, and astrophotographer, routinely spending hours outside at night in the freezing cold to capture pictures he could very well just download from the internet. He tends to three dwarf hamsters who have grown up to be very kind individuals.