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Top 5+ Best Left Handed Microwave: Convenient For Your Life!

A left handed microwave oven is a lifesaver for southpaws. Standard microwaves are built with the controls and door handle on the right side, which makes them difficult to operate or open for those who use their left hand. A left handed microwave has all its controls on the front of the unit, making it easier to reach and operate without having to turn your body around or contort your arm into an awkward position. If you’re shopping for a new microwave, be sure to look specifically at models that are designed for use by southpaws!

The Main Difference Between Left- And Right-handed Microwaves Is The Location Of The Controls On The Door

left handed microwave

The main difference between left- and right-handed microwaves is the location of the controls on the door. On left-handed microwaves, the timer is located on the top left of the microwave while it’s on the top right in a typical design. The left door handle opens the left side of a left handed microwave while it opens on the right side in a typical design.

But if we talk about its features and performances there are no major differences between left and right-handed microwaves, they all perform some tasks but some models may offer extra features which you might need or not (like convection microwave oven, etc.) left-handed microwaves are considered to be the left-handers friendly appliances and you will get left-handed microwaves with all features and even with some extra features like time timers.

You must be familiar with the fact that left handers can face difficulty while using right-handed devices without some sort of customization (by setting it up according to their hands) because they need to use the left hand to press any control button or the left hand needs to be used quite a lot more than the right hand which leads them to strain their left arm and shoulder. This causes left-handers discomfort while working for long hours with right handed devices.

Left handed microwave ovens make things easier for left handers because they do not need to reach out of the left side to open the left door, they just need to simply open it using their left hand (because it’s on left) and this is also why left-handed microwaves are called as left-handers friendly appliances.

A left handed microwave can be used by both left and right hand users but the left handed microwave ovens are easier to use for left handers than a typical right-handed microwave because they work flawlessly for them. 

Left-handed microwaves should not be confused with countertop microwave ovens, which means you cannot install these models in your kitchen counters because they’re too big and are designed specifically for commercial purposes or permanent setup (in factories, etc.)

Left-handed door hinges are left and right handed microwaves designed according to left handers needs. These left-handed microwaves are called “left-handers friendly appliances” because they give us comfort while using them because of their left opening microwave which makes it easy for a left hander to work with this appliance without any trouble.

Most people think that both left and right handed door hinges mean there’s no difference between the two but when you will look into left and right handed door hinges you will find that left-handers-friendly appliances are left-handed microwaves that open on the left side.

To conclude, left handed microwave ovens are most comfortable for left handers but as we have mentioned above left and right handed door hinges mean nothing because only left-handed microwaves can be called left-handers friendly appliances.

Why Is It Important To Have A Left-handed Microwave

Please consider the left-handed people, as they have left handed microwaves for left-handed cooking ease. When lefties need to prepare meals in a hurry, preparing left-hand food can be frustrating and time-consuming.

​This is one of many reasons why lefties prefer left-and microwaves!

Left Handed Microwave: Features and Opportunities!

There are left hand microwaves that have features such as an automatic turntable. This feature means you will not end up with an unevenly cooked meal due to early turntable rotation. Also, some left hand microwaves come with electronic touch controls that enable you to manage settings easily without having to reach across hot plates or burners; On top of that left-handed microwaves might come with a left door design, which means the left hander in your family can easily access the left side of this appliance!

One thing left handed people are sure to love about left hand microwaves is that they are made with lefties in mind. Often left-handed microwaves will have microwave plates and features placed on the left side of this appliance. This enables lefties to use the microwave from their preferred perspective without having to reach across hot food or burners.​

Left Handed Microwave: Considerations!

While there are many good things about a left hand microwave oven, it should be noted that not all lefty’s will like using these appliances for cooking purposes; The left side of left-handed microwaves are usually blocked to lefties, meaning left handers cannot easily access the left side of this appliance. This is not ideal for left handed people who prefer to have a clear view while using an appliance like this.

One thing left-handed people should be aware of when considering buying left-handed microwaves is that not all left handed ovens are made equal; While some lefty features are common in most left-oriented appliances like touch controls and auto turntables, care needs to be taken to ensure your microwave has these features before you buy it!​​

Tips And Tricks To Help You Use Your New Left Handed Microwave More Efficiently

left handed microwave

Check the buttons of your left handed microwave before use. The push-button used to open and close the door should be marked left (L). If you can’t find it, look for a “left arrow” or left-pointing symbol engraved on the button.

When shopping for a left handed microwave make sure it’s compatible with your other appliances. Some left handed microwaves come with an inverter that turns electrical energy from right to left magnetism (and vice versa) and is incompatible with most automatic dishwashers. 

Check if your left handed microwave has one; some manufacturers have a converter available as an option or extra purchase but don’t put it in their description of the product so you need to ask about it specifically. You can also buy a left-to left converter you can attach to the left handed microwave when using it with a compatible dishwasher.

Be sure to check the battery of your left handed microwave before use and replace or recharge them as necessary. The left handed microwave may become unusable if the batteries fail during operation or charging. Make sure that left and right screws are clearly labeled, especially when replacing batteries, so you don’t end up putting in the wrong ones. Note that left-handed microwaves do not work for AA batteries; they need at least AAA size cells.

When cleaning your left handed microwave remember that dirt gets into hard-to-reach places best with a soft brush (it won’t scratch surfaces). You may use soap and water, and some left handed microwave models can be put in the dishwasher (check with the manufacturer).

When you use the left handed microwave for cooking, you should be sure that food is properly prepared to prevent your left handed microwave from being damaged. Vegetables should be peeled or cut into pieces of a suitable size; meats should have bones removed and large chunks cut down further. Wrong preparation may damage the left handed microwave.

The left handed microwave has a sensitive thermostat so it starts heating at low power and gradually increases its output until the desired temperature is reached. This means that left handed microwaves take a longer time to heat up than other kitchen appliances. When using a left handed microwave for reheating, remember to place food directly on a left handed microwave-safe dish or plate.

Left handed microwaves use left magnetism for heating and left spin (left hand direction) for stirring during convection cooking, so if you want to optimize left handed microwave efficiency make sure that left hand door is closed and switch left after the start of left heated phase. 

Proper positioning of left hand items will reduce power consumption by up to 20% which makes left handed microwaves more economical than some other kitchen appliances. You can also set a delay on your left handed microwave.

A left handed microwave can be programmed to turn off when the time runs out, but do not operate it unattended since leftover food may become too hot for your left hand touch! Be sure that food is properly cooked before left left microwave shuts off otherwise left microwave may be damaged.

Do not use left handed microwaves as left storage space (some models have special left storage compartments but they are usually small and not meant to store left items for extended periods).

If the door is accidentally left open, your left handed microwave can be seriously overheated and may become unusable until it cools down completely. Left handed microwaves are also not designed for continuous operation, so do not use them if you will leave home for a long period even when they are switched off.

Left handed microwaves can be used with most types of dishware including plastic containers; however, it is recommended that you avoid using glass (left magnetism degrades left glasses) and ceramics since left-left microwaves are very powerful. Some left handed microwave models can be operated using left hand plates and bowls (check with manufacturer), but left microwaves will use extra energy when running a rotor; this makes them less energy-efficient than non-left left microwaves.

Left Handed Microwave Reviews

If you have recently purchased or received as a gift a left handed microwave, you may want to check if it has high customer ratings before use to prevent any surprises. Many consumers share their reviews of the product they have purchased, which can be useful especially for those who do not know much about kitchen appliances. Here is an example of left handed microwave review: “I was very hesitant about left left microwave because I thought it was a left right product. Fortunately, left microwaves have left-handed door and left glass which makes them more efficient than other kitchen appliances”.

Some products come with a left hand manual so you can find out how to use your new left handed microwave without reading the entire information on the product website. Here is an example of what you can find in a left handed microwave user guide: “To get rid of undesired odors inside your left-hand food storage compartment, simply leave a few scoops of silica gel or kitty litter overnight (do not place them in any openings as this will clog). In general, do not store dry foods for long periods in your left microwave because left left microwaves can damage left items. 

If you want to store left items for an extended period, make sure that they are moisture-free and have high left hand heat transfer coefficient so that left left microwaves do not damage them”.

As with any other kitchen appliance, it is recommended to read the user manual before use to fully understand how your new left handed microwave works. Some models may require special cooking procedures or extra accessories which are not mentioned on the product website but can be found in the user guide.

Left Handed Microwave Safety Warnings

There are some safety precautions regarding left handed microwaves that should be kept in mind when purchasing a new one. Here are some left left microwave safety warnings:

Check the left microwave door for any left radiation leaks. Some left microwaves are equipped with a left door window which allows you to check if there is any electricity leaking from the left handed microwave (leaks can occur even when the left microwave is turned off). If you detect any left side leakage, immediately turn off your left handed microwave and contact a local authorized repair technician or dealer for further assistance. 

Since most of the electronic equipment in modern households will be damaged by high levels of left magnetism, it is recommended to take caution and do not use old appliances or devices near your new left handed microwave. Also, keep electronic devices like cell phones away since they may get permanently damaged if exposed to high levels of left magnetism.

Warm left right foods are very left handed and may explode if left left microwave door is opened too quickly. When removing left items from your left hand microwave, be sure that they are warm enough before opening the left door otherwise you risk getting injured by flying left pieces of food (this also applies to non-left microwaves). 

To prevent any possible injuries ensure that there are no small children nearby when you remove left dishes; calm them down or distract them in a way that they cannot see what you do with your new left handed microwave.

Do not use a sharp object while cooking inside your left handed microwave for any reason. Sharp objects such as knives can cause damage to both dishes and the left microwave which can eventually result in fire or electrical shock. 

If you have young children, it is recommended that the left microwave door is locked at all times to prevent any possible injuries caused by left hand objects inside your left left microwave (young children may not understand what a sharp object does when placed inside a left-handed microwave and could easily get injured).

Never place wet items inside a left handed microwave oven. Moisture, steam, and condensation are left magnetism generators and therefore they should never be placed inside a left-hand food storage compartment; otherwise, you risk damaging your new left handed microwave permanently. 

Also, some foods will lose their taste or will develop a bad odor soon after they got wet so it is recommended to take caution (such as left vegetables or left meats).

Do not use your left handed microwave to reheat left dishes. It is recommended that you reheat left items in a conventional oven (as in the case of microwave vs oven debate, most experts recommend using an oven instead of leftover mode – especially when preparing meat and other left handed foods which can easily get spoiled). 

Also, it is highly unadvised to prepare any kind of food inside the left door compartment since very few modern models have been equipped with a built-in left surface for cooking purposes; they can accidentally start a fire if used incorrectly. If you want to cook anything, make sure to place it on the top drawer or somewhere else where it will not touch your left left microwave surface when left doors are closed.

Always place left dishes inside the left door compartment on the left hand side of your left-handed microwave to avoid any accidental left side discharge (even if it is turned off) or sparks that may occur from leakage caused by microwaves bouncing back into the kitchen area. Make sure that there is no water around your left handed microwave when it is used (such as near sink, pipes, etc.) since this could cause serious damage to both the new left microwave and property in general. 

Also, some foods may not be suitable for use in a left handed microwave oven (for example eggs or raw meat); consult local authorities before using your new left handed microwave with these items inside the food storage chamber.

When left dishes are left microwave, they may explode due to left magnetism accumulated inside left food storage chamber. To prevent this from happening, make sure that there is enough left space around your left handed microwave and that it is not in contact with any walls, objects, or persons (the latter being the most important). Always cover your new left hand microwave when left foods are left since some foods can release toxic gas which can cause serious harm when exposed for extended periods.

Factors When Choosing The Best Left Handed Microwave

Left-handed people’s left hand (in most cases) is considered their dominant one. That means left handed microwaves are for lefties who want a left handed microwave! The left handed microwave is designed to be operated with the left hand while cooking food or warming beverages.

Some lefties prefer this kind of microwave because they find themselves less tired when using them and they can work better with it even if their dominant side is not the left. Do you have any reasons why left handed microwaves could be useful?

Think about what you’ll do in your left-handed world, before getting a new one: figure out what you will cook and what do you need to warm up; think also if there are any left-handed appliances that you will use with your left hand, like a left handed toaster or left handed coffee maker.

Many lefties choose to buy the left-handed microwave because they’ve learned that using their left hand more often than their right one will improve their overall brain function and coordination ability. It is easier for a lefty to simultaneously operate two left hands in a simple task such as operating a dial (or touchpad) with both thumbs. 

Also, left handed microwaves can be used by ambidextrous people who prefer to use them on their dominant side even if it is not the left. Left-Handed Microwaves are specially built for cooking food from a frozen state, so these microwaves don’t have long preheating time but faster heating.

Left handed microwaves should have left-handed buttons, left handed touchpads, and left-handed control systems in left handed microwaves when buying a left handed microwave on the market; but not all models are lefty friendly. Before deciding to get this kind of microwave you should be very aware of what features do left-handed microwaves have and whether they match your needs or not. 

Lefties should choose an affordable one with basic features such as defrosting/cooking settings for different types of foods (eg: pizza; eggs), power levels (number of bars), auto cook options (eg: popcorn, frozen meals), and efficient energy-saving functions (which can reduce your electricity bill) in left handed microwaves.

Try left handed microwave first before buying left handed microwave if possible and compare left-handed, regular microwave hour by hour or simply consider left handed microwave as left-handed alternative to right-handed one. 

To find a good left-handed model you will have to consider the product reviews of lefty people and how they like their left hand microwaves. Make sure that the left handed microwave is safe for your kitchen countertop, where you are planning to place it. 

Also check out how much space in your kitchen does the left handed microwave need so you can fit it there easily not only with additional appliances but also with other things that suit well in your kitchen in easily reachable places such as cups, glasses, etc.

Buying A Microwave Is No Easy Task – There Are So Many Different Models Available! 

Sharp SMD2470AH 24″ Microwave Drawer with 1.2 cu. ft. Capacity in Black Stainless Steel

[amazon box=”B01N9BLPH4″ ]

The SHARP 24″ Microwave Drawer is perfect for those who are looking to save on space while still having the capability of constructing full meals with ease. This sleek, black microwave drawer can fit into any kitchen and has the option of installing vertically or horizontally. 

It can accommodate up to 1.2 cubic feet, which means you can fill it with almost anything from food to linens and never run out of storage again! Its durable stainless steel finishes also make it easy to clean as well. When looking for a refrigerator or oven range combo one day we realized how expensive they all were this Sharp Microwave Drawer will let you cook your favorite meal without breaking the bank!

Feature to benefit:

  • Get a quality product at a discounted price.
  • Save the environment by recycling electronics.
  • Make your family happy with an amazing gift idea


  • This microwave is safe and easy to use.
  • We love the microwave and it has plenty of space to store items.


  • The first microwave I bought lasted less than three years, but the company was helpful when it came to replacing it.

Panasonic HomeChef 4-in-1 Microwave Oven with Air Fryer

[amazon box=”B085SV35MT” ]

Come cook with the hottest cooking technology in Panasonic’s 4-in-1 Microwave Oven! With 1000W of power, this air fryer allows you to prepare healthy crispy french fries and nuggets without pre-heating. And for that perfect meal that you want every time, it’s equipped with advanced microwave inverter technology for even results and foolproof defrosting. Move past traditional ovens with stainless steel, push-button control panels on touchpads. 

You’re ready to go from frozen to the finished meal in just a few waves of your hand over the classy natural wood panel laminate cabinetry interior (available in black or white). Prepare your feast hassle-free thanks to its 900-watt convertible 1100W convection oven. When it

Feature to benefit:

  • Use less energy than a standard oven and stove.
  • Cook food evenly without any hot spots. 
  • Reduce cooking time by up to 80%.


  • This 4-in-1 oven is great because it reduces oil and fat, cooks quicker than a big oven, and cools the food down.
  • A 4-in-1 oven that can cook a variety of foods is great.


  • A microwave oven can’t be plugged into a circuit with other appliances because it’s too powerful.

Sharp R-1514 1-1/2-Cubic-Foot 1000-Watt Over-the-Range Microwave, Stainless

[amazon box=”B00009V3X8″ ]

The Sharp R-1514 1.5 CuDuct Microwave offers 11 Smart and Easy Sensor settings for most-popular microwaved foods, a large 14″ diameter turntable with locking features that offer you more capacity–designed to fit even the heftiest of dishes–and convenient Auto-Touch Controls with quick 5 digits 2 colors lighted display and 4 one-touch buttons for easy operation. Stainless steel gives this appliance an elegant look while also making it sturdy enough to last through years of family use. 

The simple button interface is designed to guide customers with their cooking process from start to finish in just a few easy steps so everyone can enjoy great-tasting colors, food at their fingertips without being pinned down by complex instructions.

Feature to benefit:

  • Energy efficient
  • Convenient for the busy, modern family
  • Large capacity 
  • Easy to use


  • The installation of this product was a snap, and the parts for mounting were already in place.
  • This microwave can be mounted next to the cabinet on the side that opens.


  • The installation was easy but the unit is not bright enough.

FRIGIDAIRE FFMV1645TS 30\” Over the Range Microwave with 1.6 cu. ft. in Stainless Steel

[amazon box=”B07281X8ZJ” ]

The FFMV1645TS metal construction microwave has a capacity of 1.6 cu ft, which is perfect for most families or dorm rooms. To use the microwave, start by selecting your favorite food with 10 power levels and push any buttons to start cooking time manually or hit one of the built-in presets that can cook it on high in as little as 60 seconds! 

The FFMV1645TS comes with all installation instructions for you to install yourself over the range so not only does this product look good but also orchestrates an elegant culinary experience. Choose from its stainless steel color options to match your kitchen’s interior design and make sure you don’t miss out on its limited lifetime warranty for peace of mind after purchase!

Feature to benefit:

  • Powerful, dependable ventilation.
  • The sleekest design in the industry.
  • Emotional benefits: 
  • Sleep soundly knowing your kitchen is safe from smoke and smells. 
  • Cook with confidence knowing you have a powerful range hood that’s always up for the task.


  • The microwave is tight for the cabinet door, but this can be done with offset hinges.


  • The unit arrived with a dent in the side and doesn’t feel very sturdy.

Sharp R-1210 1-1/2-Cubic-Foot 1100-Watt Over-the-Counter Microwave, Black

[amazon box=”B00009V3WX” ]

The Sharp R-1210 1.5 Cubic Foot 1100 Watt Over the Counter Microwave with Auto Defrost and Moisture Sensor is an extremely versatile product for your kitchen. This microwave has up to 4 automatic cooking sequences that are programmable, so there’s no need to cook anything by hand – this microwave does it all! You can also be sure of even heating and custom programming thanks to its 11 power levels as well. With features such as a moisture sensor, “minute plus” option, defrost system on auto, and auto keep warm when done, it’s hard not to love this product from SHARP.”

Feature to benefit:

  • Cooks your food evenly with the sensor. 
  • Has a timer for convenience. 
  • Keeps your food warm until you’re ready to eat it.


  • This is a microwave with additional smart features that allows it to be used as a convection oven and will last for many years.
  • This microwave works well and has useful features.


  • This microwave is powerful and has useful features, but the owner wants to see a microwave/convection oven model.


What Is a Microwave for Left-Handed?

  • A microwave that rotates food in the opposite direction
  • A microwave with an inverter to flip the heat around 
  • An oven that can be used as a stove or a grill

Top factors to consider when buying your new shallow depth microwave

  • Price (how much I can afford) 
  • Size (bigger is better) 
  • Cooking Power (high wattage)

Is there a better way to distinguish between left-wing microwaves and right-wing microwaves?

  • To see if your microwave has a “Reset” button, it’s likely a left-wing model. 
  • Hold up an American flag and see which side of the screen it waves on if you’re not sure. 
  • Your microwave will be labeled with either “Left” or “Right.”

Are drop door microwaves alternative to microwave with left-hand door swing?

No, they both have their pros and cons. So it depends on your spending and preferences.

What would happen if you did some microwaves without left-hand doors?

  • The food will start to cook unevenly, potentially causing a fire hazard.
  • The microwave might not work as efficiently and could cause a power outage. 
  • It could cause excess moisture in the microwave which can lead to mold or corrosion on the metal parts of the appliance.


Above are the best left handed microwaves on the market today. With all of these options to choose from, you should be able to find a model that suits your needs and budget. Why not browse through this list right now? We’ve done the hard work for you so it will only take a few seconds before you can make an informed decision about which microwave is perfect for your kitchen! Let’s consider the top best left-handed microwaves above.

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