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Top 13 Best Microjig Gripper Alternative

A sharp, fast-spinning, multi-toothed blade is usually not the type of thing you want your microjig gripper alternative to do. In fact, I can think of just two potential reasons to always happily do so: you are a robot sent to defend someone from the future or you are a carpenter. The bulk of you who read this post fall into the second category. If not, keep reading; in your fight against cyborgs you may still discover something valuable. Woodwork is a pastime which, for great reasons, has no lack of security gear.

So safety guns, blade guards, riving knives, featherboards and the push block as we reach this phase.Push blocks are mainly instruments to prevent damage to your hands by the table saw blade. You do it in several smart methods, which we will discuss later. Let me not mislead you with my glib tone. I am really concerned about woodworking security and I can’t underline how important push-block use is. Above all, it substantially minimizes the probability that you may have a significant injury. However, they provide you the advantage of additional control over your table work.

Is it hard to acquire a great alternative to micro-jiggers? This is because we have previously been through the whole process of micro jig influenza alternative research and so a thorough list of the most advanced micro jig influenza alternatives available on the market today is accessible. We are finding the finest microjig gripper replacement from 2024 following hours of study and the use of all models on the market. See our following rating!

Best Microjig Gripper Alternative Comparison 2024

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** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the Microjig Gripper Alternative, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

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Top 13 Best Microjig Gripper Alternative Reviews 2024

GRR-RIPPER 3D Pushblock for Table Saws

[amazon box=”B001I9UNWC” ]

The legendary GRR-RIPPER of Micro Jig sets the benchmark for wood working safety is an understatement. It provides the exact combination of power in the three directions that you need to start with. To maintain the workpiece stable and prevent kickbacks, maintain stocks against the fence steady and move to manage feed rate. This leads to a degree of safety and accuracy that any product on the market cannot equal.

The extraordinary grip force this push-block gives to stocks is mostly due to this control level. Microjig seems like this block of granite digs its teeth into everything via your blade through the non-slip Green GRIP coating.

Microjig’s polyvalence is another thing completely nailing. The woodworker has an unbelievable number of precise cutting possibilities with three adjustable legs. You may conveniently grab and shred a part of the stock as tiny as possible with the right balance-support configuration.

Adaptation and accuracy clearly mean nothing unless the push block provides superior protection. And in this area, trust me, this doesn’t stumble. The building materials are great – you certainly don’t have to worry about the lack of high quality firm plastic covering your hands. Take any appropriate table sawing project with the fullest trust that your limbs are unleashed.

In this list of the finest push block tables in the year, the goods we analyze offer many fantastic solutions to the Microjig. Each one of them gives one or two characteristics that are comparable to this fantastic deal, but none of them provides its combinations.

On the market today, there is no finer table saw push block. It’s so straightforward. However, it does cost, so you will pay much more than a few of the other good selections on our list.


  • A fantastic mix of the forces down, down and down.
  • Excellent kickback protection.
  • Customization of the three legs results in unparalleled accuracy in setup and cutting.


  • Very cheaper than other great alternatives on our list.

GRR-RIPPER Advanced 3D Pushblock for Table Saw

[amazon box=”B0037MEJ2I” ]

We’re going to keep this one simple? The 3D push block is what our product of the highest quality is doing: superior control and grip, exceptional safety characteristics, and exceptional adaptability. This adds another benefit that the increased expense may or may not be considered worth: increased control.

3D push-block ships of the include three additional functions on one plate and a regulable spacer.None of these features is absolutely essential, but they do not deny a much larger variety of cuts than the regular to the woodworker.

The kit is provided with a useful DVD which includes a host of ways in which the two additional functions may broaden your woodwork repertoire and trust me that there is a lot.

Overall, but the most costly item on our list is superb. I cannot see these extra characteristics and their expense, which warrant the model claiming its cousin’s label “best overall.” But it’s been a close fight.

This is an excellent piece of equipment and I strongly suggest if you can find the extra money.


  • The standard delivers all of the advantages.
  • For maximum adaptability, additional features.
  • Highest safety and accuracy. One of today’s top goods on the market.


  • Very expensive, compared to our list of other things.

Fulton Safety Woodworking Push Block

[amazon box=”B07HKJSDP3″ ]

Some push blocks are packaged in combo sets, which accomplish the same as a push block but are not a pushblock. After this complex statement, are you still with me?

With a 5-piece push block and push stick set, Fulton delivers the finest of this breed. Simplicity is an exercise in each of these elements. Each one of these offers a technique to securely pass the stock, although in some situations with less accuracy than a specialist instrument such as this.

The entire combination, nevertheless, provides incredible versatility and safety. In the following buyer guide, I will examine the components of this package in further depth. In the Components section above, you can see what these are.

Just now, every single component is an amazing strategy to get the items through a table saw in a variety of methods. The major reason I chose Fulton in front of the very reasonable pricing of the former one.

This is an unbelievable price for what you spend and get, and customer evaluations would be happy to agree with me about this.


  • Due to the quality and versace of the items, it is really inexpensive.
  • Safety orange tint makes it simple to distinguish between the instruments and your working material.
  • Our list contains the second most popular product.


  • It is not so convenient to work with a five-piece set as an advanced push block.

POWERTEC 71009 Safety Push Block and Stick Set

[amazon box=”B00LPR5I1I” ]

This super-durable, multipurpose five-piece push block is virtually an exact copy of the above-mentioned.

Although with a little harder and more robust feel for the material, Ir has the same five components. Several buyers who have examined the goods have likewise identified durability as the main virtue.

Each piece has been made out of high grade plastic and foam which gives your stock outstanding grip. Although not one of our more distinguished goods, it is nonetheless highly popular with consumers and provides excellent grip and control.

But it’s somewhat cheaper, so it’s your call whether you want to spend an extra couple of bucks on a product that seems a little longer lasting.


  • Very robust and lasting.
  • Offers outstanding adaptability in five high quality components.
  • One of the cheapest goods on our list.


  • As for the Fulton, work with a single, purpose-built push block is not as convenient.

Milescraft 7334 Safety Bundle

[amazon box=”B07WKNLZNY” ]

This unusual, appealing safety set consists of three components, one feathers, a tool that does not contain many of the articles that we examine. If you don’t know about this item, go to the below and I will explain a bit more about how this tool is used.

A inexpensive, three-piece package, delivers everything a carpenter needs to securely use their equipment without fear of bad injury.

The split-rail structure and tension arrangement of the featherboard means it provides good holding pressure. This is a high grade combination board that provides the user a lot of value despite being part of a combination kit.

The other two parts in the bundle are a little easier to use, but they do not provide less safety. The pushbutton and grabber are ergonomic and have a very stable grip and optimal comfort. They are made of high grade, long-lasting plastic and are built to last.

This grabber includes a rubber bottom with a diamond grip, which is ideal for holding power and traction onto the shelf. The handle is designed to tilt the user’s hand from the blade without compromise. The handle is slanted from the blade.

This is an intelligently constructed safety kit with three parts, which is sold at a very low price.


  • A high quality plank – a unique and highly helpful safety item for cutting saw blades is included.
  • All three are well-designed and easy to use.
  • Very cost efficient.


  • A design problem with the featherboard makes narrow cuts a bit uncomfortable for little cuts.

Safety Woodworking Push Stick 2 Pack

[amazon box=”B07QHZQ7FR” ]

Sometimes you have just the fundamentals, and that’s exactly the pack. Simple, incredibly economical, very efficient.

The Fulton 2 Pack is amazing as with most push-strokes, keeping your hands as far away from the saw blade as you can while still allowing appropriate control. See the section below for further information on the differences between push sticks and push blocks.

The clasp of these push-buttons is a perfect push-button. The handles of very robust material are comfortable to grasp.

The magnets integrated in the handles are a wonderfully nice and quite handy feature of these two push-buttons. This enables the bags for simple storage and access to be fastened against the side of your metal table. It seems like a punch, but trust me, this function is really quite handy and I truly like it.

But the pricing is what distinguishes the Fulton 2 Pack from other push-buttons and almost other security alternatives on this list. Click the link really and have a look – these puppies are a fantastic deal! Don’t think twice if you’re on a rigorous budget.


  • Unusually affordable.
  • It can produce extremely little incisions. Could.
  • Mobile magnets facilitate and convenient storage.


  • It does not deliver the amount of downward pressure offered by a push block which increases the risk of rebounding.

GRR-RIP BLOCK Smart Hook Pushblock for Router Table

[amazon box=”B00DNX3N7S” ]

Not superior to blocks are standard push blocks. But it may be a bit of a stretch to submit this to the basics. This device has some moving components, but little compared to the famous relatives.

The push-block combines affordability, good downward pressure to prevent kicking, and a very long lasting design.

In order to optimize the downward pressure and forward pressure, the high rubber grip also features a retractable skirting mechanism which enables the user to buy additional material if necessary. As this feature is retractable, the regular application of the push-back block is not affected since it pushes down against the flat surface of the stock.

You may anticipate the patented rubber behind the push block, like previous Microjig products. This material gives excellent holding strength, as you press the stock downward, inside and forward.

This product is an incredible winner and also at an excellent price when it comes to doing the right thing. I recommend using two materials for maximal control if you regularly find yourself cutting huge chunks of materials.

Checks for this typical push block are rather good, too. Very few of our list selections get the 5-star ratings as much as block ratings. Buy it with the fullest trust that something incredibly valuable is available.


  • Standard push block is durable, inexpensive and very helpful.
  • Additional forward thrust retractable heel technology.
  • Offers a superior rubber technology.


  • Does not give an adjustable push block the same degree of security and adjustability.

POWERTEC 71032 Push Blocks

[amazon box=”B01998GS36″ ]

The security equipment is inexpensive and the 2-pack push-block set is then available. Look, I’m going to be honest, with these push blocks you get the exact essentials. No retrofitting expensive heels. Nothing like a changeable component remotely. It’s as easy as it is.

However, I can’t suggest high enough with these amazing push blocks in my bundle and at an unbelievable price. There is just one product comparable to the one on a budget and only wanting fundamentals for a simple work piece push stick.

These push blocks are lightweight, incredibly robust, easy to slip into your hand and when combined, they almost prevent the chance of a kickback by their generation of downward force. The rubber surface gives great pressure grip, which allows you to feed the stock decently through the blade.

Do not trick you into believing that you are not obtaining a valuable product because of the simplicity of these folks. They supply the essentials, yet this is all you need sometimes.


  • In a single container, two large standard push blocks.
  • High-quality goods with fantastic pricing.
  • The rubber gives your stock an excellent grip.


  • The adaptability of an adjustable push block is not the same.

4 Piece Woodworking Safety Kit

[amazon box=”B07QDP6HRN” ]

The Fulton 4-piece just arrived when you thought we covered the greatest value in money security equipment. Fulton’s four piece set comprises almost nothing in terms of adaptability and quality for the same price as some of our most economical one piece sets. Moreover, it’s one of just two featherboard goods on our list.

Both push blocks are based on Sprinkler for a good grip, which results in significant pressure on the stock downwards and forward. Each of the push blocks has various grip, so that you may use the grip that best matches your task and ergonomics.

The feather board comes with expandable miter bars, so both normal and large miter bars may be fastened.

Fulton’s 4-piece push stick includes magnets incorporated in its grip to make the saw of your metal table comfortable to store.

All in all, this is a great buy for its price. It doesn’t really evaluate the quality of some of the more costly goods on our list, but you can’t go wrong if you are seeking an affordable variety.


  • Excellent amazon price versatility.
  • Magnets on the handle of the push stick make storage comfortable.
  • For increased convenience, two distinct varieties of push block handle.


  • The push blocks are a bit simple and allow minimal configuration.


[amazon box=”B003E623C0″ ]

As excellent a task as the GRR-RIPPER accomplishes, it is sometimes impossible to utilize it or it can be used by some other component. This is where the hangers are playing. The MJ Splitter keeps the keeper open and cannot contact the blade on the rear of the latter. It also works as a variable pressure plumbing board to hold the work securely against the rip fence.

It’s an easy forward installation. The directions appear at first a little bit frightening, but I suggest you read them again. Then just step by step and you are done. You are done. I assumed my ancient Leecraft Phenolic ZCI was going to have an issue with drilling.

Another reviewer suggested that only sufficient drilling be done to identify the sites and then finish drilling at the press. With the amazing help of MicroJig, I checked and they agreed it was a fantastic idea. I didn’t need it, turns out. The exercise was pretty painless and speedy.

With my table saw I have a much more happy relationship. Although I still realize that it requires respect, I feel considerably safer and secure. Without binding or burning, I’m making clean rips. And at all I didn’t cut myself. It’s a big investment and I can’t highly suggest it.


  • Great division. 
  • Great divider. 
  • Excellent for kickback prevention. 
  • Service fast.
  • Well done. 


  • None

Micro Jig DVC-538K2 MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamps

[amazon box=”B079FZ768Y” ]

Great stuff, although the title is too expensive, but extremely adaptable. The great thing is to go through a dovetail on any table top, and now you have a clamp which can be adjusted to the dovetail. Make sure you have a straight way first, otherwise you will have plenty of wood to dog and make a mess, before you use the dove tail.

What you care about is not important, whether it means the creation, assembly, gluing and re-inserting of disk brake pistons, or just a flashlight, sooner or later you will need a pin. I have drawers full with clamps, each apparently for another clamping task. While I was attempting to think about what I was going to say in this review, I had to wonder how many of the clamps I could have been replaced by. Almost all of them have the solution.

Do you want to attach a set of clamps to the edge of the door? Route groove into the board, place the board where the clamping strength is required and tighten the clamps. Pressure equals a lengthy joint with the adhesive. Probably you can conceive of a means of making things work for you if you need a clamp and you think about it. I have four, and I’m not sure in the not too distant future I’m going to treble that. You have to have your table screws rip fence with a sacrificial facet.


  • Sliced bread, the finest thing since.
  • Very mobile.
  • Good multi-faceted clamps.
  • Fingerprint groove.


  • Only had 1 clamp


[amazon box=”B008O2KVR8″ ]

The train was functional, but I have lately tried (unforgivingly) large board frames and could not correctly close the miters. I examined the alignment of the blade of the screw to the miter slot and the 45 triangles aligned the sleeve fences to the blade. Everything appeared nice but I discovered fast enough paths between the runners and the miter slot. I created the sleigh and now it is winter, so the wood has contracted and it is too sloping for exact cuts. I found these guiding bars after some Internet search. I inserted a bar on the track and all aligned the top of the sleigh.

It’s really straightforward to set up in your mitre slot. You’re going to be in business. Based on your time and fundamental abilities, sled construction is much more time-consuming but not impossible. The guidelines contain basic ideas for a track, but the possibilities are infinite with your imagination.

With a drill and the proper forest bits, this is practically a requirement to create a sleigh I did not envisage when I bought it. Just another reason for the wife’s dismay to purchase additional instruments.

These are the very best miter bars on the market. Like any other miter bars they do not rely on numerous contact points, and they are therefore accurate even if they are only half way in the miter slot. This is perhaps the only area in which MicroJig has a leg to a product.


  • Well designed product.
  • Great design, easy to put together.
  • Ideal option for a precise runner.


  • Poor instructions

Delmar Tools Push Block For Table Saws

[amazon box=”B07XJYL3N5″ ]

Look no farther than the Delmar Tools push block for a far more inexpensive option for the overriding devices. The Delmar delivers more than sufficient adaptability and durability while at nearly half the price of our best total push block winner, while compromising nothing on the safety side.

The boldly colored safety-orange Delmar is, like with its primary rival, a single-unit push block, allowing the timber manual to modify the width of the tunnel – permitting a variety of cuts. Delmar can impressively take a piece of stock for a tear as tiny as it is confidently.

One of the primary aspects of Delmar is his ability to manage the stock on both sides with great control and grip. This is a significant safety benefit as it greatly minimizes the probability of a kickback – the dread of all woodworkers.

The Delmar offers a great advantage in terms of convenience and ease of usage. A super-convenient wheel mechanism situated directly on the user’s thumb is necessary in order to modify the middle leg.


  • Specializes in tearing on a table saw thin inventory.
  • For greatest diversity of cutting, very customizable.
  • The user may simply configure innovative balancing wheel cuts of varied widths.


  • Does not give the same control level as its more costly competitors.

Buying Guide Best Microjig Gripper Alternative

Do you feel tense hunting for the greatest replacement microjig gripper? Are you confused and doubts flowing over your head? We know how; we have traveled through the whole path of microjig gripper alternative research, because we have now come up with a complete list of the top microjig grippers on the market. We have taken a few questions into consideration by most of you.

You’d now see that the phrase push blocks truly encompasses a number of safety systems if you read the reviews of each of these goods. The more equipment we look at, the more aspects before making your purchase are to be considered.

This section will enable you to reduce the confusion if you are a first-time buyer.

What are the various push blocks types and their options?

For me, it is the most significant factor for this vital investment in the success and longevity of your members to select the proper sort of push block.

If you are a newcomer, you may ask a specialist or contact the manufacturer about which of these sorts of push blocks to work on a project.

I can’t highly emphasize this. On a table screen there is a lot you can do. There are several tons of materials that can be sliced in various ways. And one form of push block may be better than another for each of these applications.

This isn’t an official word for woodworking but in this post I’m using it to distinguish between push blocks that serve the fundamental function of retaining the stock with the most basic characteristics. Using them is incredibly easy. You just grab the handle, push it down and press it down and pass it through the blade of the saw.

A basic push block has its handles and rubber or foam bottoms, which hold the material, as two of the main components. The former must be sufficiently comfortable for extended usage, and the latter must have sufficient traction to ensure effective driving.

And all this information, where would you get? You might have many more inquiries, and the easiest approach to calm your thirst is through numerous web resources to address them all. Sources such as internet forums, word-of-mouth, websites of ratings, purchasing tips and product reviews may be anything. Proper research is important before you choose the finest replacement for a microjig gripper. Make sure you read from extremely confidential, confident websites or other sources.

Thoughts on the MicroJig Gripper:

Conclusion: Top 5 Best Microjig Gripper Alternative

It is extremely vital to be aware of what you are going to use the push block for, before buying in a push block and contemplating what we have not addressed in this study. The emphasis of this article “ microjig gripper alternative”  is push blocks which may be used on table-saws or on table-saws.

The push block or push stick might seem easy, but keeping your hand safe from cutting is really beneficial. And above, we highlighted five of the greatest table saw push blocks to utilize.

That is the finest you can buy on the market, in our opinion. But you can have too, because everyone has their own preferences.

In the comment area, if you believe we have overlooked one which can be in our list.

Most of these goods have a range of applications and we term them other uses, but be assured that all of them are ideal for table saws. But when you shop for your next pushblock elsewhere, make sure you buy one suited to be used in a table saw.

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