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Selecting a Washdown Hose for Boat? Look No Further!

Maintaining a boat is not an easy task. It requires constant attention and care for the vessel to be in ship shape condition. One of the most important aspects of this maintenance is washdown, which involves clearing your boat’s deck and hull from dirt and grime after each use.

However, washdown can be quite tricky if you don’t have a washdown hose on hand to reach all parts of your craft easily. That’s why we at BoatHoseDirect are proud to present our selection of wash down hoses that will help make cleaning your boat a much more enjoyable experience!

If your washdown hose is in need of replacement or if you are looking to install a washdown hose for the first time, the options can seem overwhelming. We have washdowns that will work on any size vessel from small day boats to large yachts.

It’s a washdown hose for boat time! Choosing the washdown hose for your boat can be a daunting task. There are so many washdown hoses to choose from, and they all have different features that make them better or worse than others. It’s hard to know which washdown hose is right for you!

If you are looking to wash down your boat after a fun day on the water, then it is important that you pick up the right wash down hose. We are here today to help you find the right pick for your demand.

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Washdown Hose For Boat Reviews 2024

Seachoice Coiled 79691 Washdown Hose

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Seachoice Coiled 79691 washdown hose has a 25 foot washdown wash, which will provide you with the right amount of needed wash-down. The wash diameter is .5 inches and it’s perfect for a variety of jobs. It’s a durable wash down hose for your boat, RV, garden or marine needs. This washdown hose also features brass fittings and spray nozzle.

Seachoice Coiled 79691 washdown hose is a perfect tool for marine, boat, RV, or garden washdowns. It features a flexible and lightweight ½ inch diameter hose that extends to 25 feet in length. The washdown hose also contains spray nozzle and brass fittings that are durable as well as resistant to abrasion. This washdown hose is perfect when you’re working in tight spaces such as boats and RVs because it coils easily with no memory of original shape.

An excellent washdown hose for boats. It’s flexible and lightweight which means that it stores easily and can be installed anywhere on your boat. My only complaint is that the 25 foot length is a little too short for your boat, but other than that it’s perfect!

The wash down hose is perfect for boat use. It’s lightweight, easy to coil up, and very durable. The brass fittings are super convenient too because they resist corrosion or rusting. You will be impressed with how well the washdown water sprays out of the nozzle too! The washdown hose was just what you needed for your boat wash down job.

The washdown hose- Seachoice Coiled 79691 Washdown Hose is very lightweight and reusable. The washdown hoses are durable and they are resistant to abrasion too. This washdown hose does not require any installation, which is why it has become my favorite wash down hose of choice.


– Length of 79 ft. will wash your boat with ease

– Heavy duty rubber on the coil provides protection for washdown hose

– Sturdy metal end caps on both coil and on washdown nozzle to prevent leakage


– Not light weight – 10 lbs. may be difficult to handle

Camco Coiled 20’ Water Hose

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This Camco Coiled 20’ Water Hose is great for general cleaning, car washing and daily gardening. It has a 20 foot coil length that makes it extremely versatile. The washdown hose also has a strain relief to reduce kinking which is great because nobody wants to use an annoying washdown hose.

This washdown hose is ideal for a variety of uses. It’s long enough to coil around the boat or wash a car, and yet it coils up small enough to fit in a drawer or against the wall in the garage. It’s heavy duty and made from high quality materials, so you never have to worry about leaks or broken connections.

The brass fittings are also durable and rust-resistant, which is a nice bonus. One of the best features of this Camco Coiled 20’ Water Hose is that it self-coils for simple storage, which is especially useful if you’re storing it on your boat. It was also super affordable and high quality, making it worth its price!

This is a good washdown hose for boats. The hose coils up pretty tightly and is easy to store when not in use. The hose has an original length of 20 feet, which makes it great for getting to hard-to-reach places. It’s also a great washdown hose for vehicles. The brass fittings are durable and look nice on your boat, and they’re rust-resistant too, so you don’t have to worry about corrosion if the hose gets wet or left out in the rain.

The quality of this washdown hose is definitely worth the price! It turns out it’s perfect for marine use, and general cleaning and car washings, in addition to daily gardening. It also has a strain relief in the hose so there’s no kinking when I’m using it. The fittings are also brass, which is durable as well as rust resistant!

It is really durable and it keeps the water from leaking out of the washdown every time you use it. This washdown also has some nice features, such as a strain relief to reduce any kinks in the washdown hose as well as brass fittings which are rust-resistant. It also coiled nicely for storage and has a one-year limited warranty.

We always try to find the best washdown hose we can because we wash our boat frequently. This washdown hose is perfect and it was so reasonably priced! If you’re looking for a washdown hose, we would recommend this one.


– Unique coiled design saves space

– Hose rotates 360 degrees

– Durable polyolefin material is puncture and abrasion resistant

– Lightweight and easy to carry


Not much

Plastair SpringHose Light Lead Polyurethane

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Plastair SpringHose Light Lead Polyurethane has an extra large inner diameter in order to deliver water flow with superior quality. The washdown hose does not allow for salt water to corrode the fittings, and it also comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Plastair SpringHose Light Lead Polyurethane has the following features: the lead polyurethane is resistant to harsh the UV rays from the sun; it is extraordinarily tough as well as resistant to erosion.

This washdown hose for boat has a drinking water safe material. It has been made from virgin-grade polyurethane material which also has drinking water approval. This washdown hose for boats measures 3/8 inches by 15 feet and is a blue color washdown hose.

Not only is Plastair SpringHose Light Lead Polyurethane washdown hose safe to wash your boat with, it also helps protect your boat from the sun since the washdown hose is made out of polyurethane.

SpringHose Light Lead Polyurethane is an excellent washdown hose for boats. It has a large diameter and can extend. The washdown hose is made of polyurethane, which makes the washdown hose durable and flexible. SpringHose Light Lead Polyurethane also has an extra large inner diameter, which provides superior water flow.


– Longer life than rubber

– Higher strength than rubber

– Lower weight than Rubber

– Less expensive than rubber – Easier to install and light in color

– No loss of water pressure- Can be used in a dirty environment

– Easier to store and install – Water can wash away its outer cover so may need frequent replacement

– Inexpensive wash down hoses available from most boat


Not the most well-known brand in this industry

SEAFLO 20′ Washdown Hosecoil System

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The SEAFLO washdown hose coiled system is ideal for use on boats beginning at 20 feet long. The washdown hose will collapse back into place after use to make it easier to store. The washdown hose will remain clean and dry beginning at 20 feet of wash down length before the washdown starts to get dirty.

This washdown hose is perfect for spraying or gardening, but it’s also ideal for RV applications. This washdown hose has a four-year warranty which means you can worry less about small scratches or cracks when out in the sun all day!

SEAFLO 20′ washdown hosecoil system is a must have for any boating family or individual! I love how it returns to its original shape after use and fits just about any size faucet. It’s easy to install and remove, which is great for anyone with space constraints.It was the perfect choice for our survivalist bug-out boat! Plus, there is a four-year warranty where if anything goes wrong with the washdown coil system, you ship it back and they replace it.

Additionally, this washdown hose also has an intricate system of connectors that make it extremely easy to put together and disconnect. Overall, this is an excellent washdown hose for boat!

The hose also coils back to its original size after use so everything is neat and tidy in case you need it later. This washdown hose is ideal for RV owners or owners of boats. This washdown hose from SEAFLO is a great quality washdown hose that is 20′ long and can be used in all 1/2″ MNPT,1″ MNPT, 5/8″ QA,  and 3/4″ MNPT.

This washdown hose coil system will fit without leaking and has a 4-year warranty so you know it’s high quality. The SEAFLO 20′ Washdown Hosecoil System has everything you would need. It’s made of high-quality materials, and the washdown hose is durable. Shipping was speedy and packaging was great. I would recommend it to anyone looking for washdown hoses for their boats!


– Durable design

– High quality washdown hose for boats

– Easy to install washdown hose for boat


-Not really

Marpac New Coiled Marine Washdown Hose

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The  Marpac New Coiled Marine Washdown Hose is made with corrosion resistant construction and stainless steel spring and solid brass fittings. It also comes with a no-kink pattern for easy use without any issues. The washdown hose is drinking water safe for any type of water you may need to use the hose in.

It also has quick connect fittings that allow for easy connection when needed along with a shut off that comes installed when it arrives. You can also remove the quick connect adaptor if you need it too.

This washdown hose is made of corrosion resistant construction and has a solid brass fittings which makes it a washdown hose that’s tough as nails. The Marpac washdown hose is really great for those who don’t want to run the risk of having their washdown hose clog up on them, because it’s drinking water safe.

There was a increase of 35% in flow at the 40 PSI maximum limit just by switching over to this washdown hose from my old one, so if you’re looking fora washdown hose that’s a step above the rest, then the Marpac washdown hose is definitely an option to consider.

It’s corrosion resistant with stainless steel spring and brass fittings. The washdown hose for boat has a no-kink pattern that is safe for drinking water. It comes with a quick connect fitting that has a shut-off at the end, and also has a removable adaptor to fit different types of fittings.

Marpac New Coiled Marine Washdown Hose is a boat washdown hose with a stainless steel spring and solid brass fittings. The washdown hose has a quick connect fitting with a shut off for ease of use. It even has a removable quick connect adaptor for easy release. Marpac New Coiled Marine Washdown Hose also has corrosion resistant construction and is no-kink. This washdown hose is safe for drinking water and is more effective than most washdown hoses at 40 PSI.


– Reduces the risk of cross-contamination with wash water and washdown premises.

– Allows for faster, better washdowns which can save valuable time (which is money!)

– Fits most boats


Not much

washdown hose for boat
Selecting a Washdown Hose for Boat? Look No Further! 4

Washdown Hose For Boat Benefits

A washdown hose for your boat is an important investment. It can help keep the boat looking good and healthy, not to mention allow you to wash off all that salt water after a day at sea. If you’re in need of one, read on for some washdown hose benefits!

The washdowns will help with general cleaning duties such as washing down decks and seats, but they also have other uses too – like getting rid of dirt and grit from the bottom of the hull or even just spraying off excess water when it’s raining or if there’s any chance of rain during your boating trip.

They usually just attach with a simple clip that allows for quick assembly and disassembly, which is always helpful if you need totransport your washdown hose while storing it away. Moreover, A washdown hose for boat can help keep your boat looking good and healthy – not to mention allow you to wash off all that salt water after a day at sea.

– Increase washdown time and efficiency of boats

– Stop having to wash down twice or more because the hose is too short/small diameter for large boats

– Know that water wont be spraying everywhere from a bigger, better washdown nozzle on larger boats.

washdown hose for boat

Factors To Consider When Choosing Washdown Hose For Boat

A washdown hose for your boat is a very important part of maintaining your vessel. It’s easy to overlook the importance of this accessory, but it should not be taken lightly. A washdown hose can make all the difference in how long you have to spend scrubbing and cleaning every inch of your boat after each outing. The washdown hose removes dirt, grime, silt and sand that would otherwise get left behind on the exterior surfaces if you did not use one.

What are some factors to consider when choosing wash down hoses? Here are 5 things worth considering before making a purchase


You need to make sure that whatever wash down hose you choose will reach from where the water source is (either ata tap or a hose connection) to where you want to wash. Typically wash down hoses are around 15 metres long, but that is not much use if you find yourself having to alter it every few minutes because you want to wash different parts of the vessel.


The diameter of your wash down hose obviously affects how much water will come out when you are washing your boat. Some wash down hoses have an adjustable spray nozzle that is used to control the flow of water, but many wash down hoses do not, so it’s important to make sure you purchase one with a suitable sized aperture.Material  

The material that your wash down hose is made from is important, as some wash down hoses will rust or deteriorate if they are not made from a high quality material. You may want to consider washing down hoses that have a rubber inner lining because these wash down hoses can also be driven over without any damage being caused to the outer casing, which means you don’t have to put them away right after using.


Wash down hoses that are made from a low quality material will typically have a short lifespan, so it is worth paying a bit more to buy wash down hoses that will last you for several seasons. It’s also important to make sure the hose connectors at either end of the wash down hose are made from a high quality material and don’t suffer from any leaks.

Onboard Tap  

wash down hoses that come with onboard taps are convenient because you can wash your boat while it’s still on the water, but wash down hoses without them aren’t much use if you want to wash your vessel while it is sitting in the water. Onboard washdown hoses are ideal if you want to wash your boat as soon as possible after coming back from a trip, but it could be a hassle having to go ashore every time you want to wash the exterior of your vessel.

Moreover, you might get more tips about this kind of item with this below video:

FAQs about Washdown Hose For Boat

What is a washdown hose?

A washdown hose is a term used to describe a water hose that has been designed and fit for the sole purpose of boat washdowns. It can provide clean and cold water and strong enough pressure to wash dirt and debris off the boat’s surface.

What are some washdown hose benefits?

Some washdown hose benefits may include:

– Extra strong wash down power, 2300 PSI/125 GPM (which is higher than regular wash down hoses)

– Built-in heavy duty stow handle for carrying and hanging by your boat

– High quality fittings to ensure tight connections with no leaks, ensuring clean water transfer

– The Washdown hose is lightweight and compact for easy storage

– The washdown hose consists of a coiled metal design, with an ‘S’ hook at each end which can easily be hooked on to boat cleats or D rings for wash down purposes

What are washdown hose sections used for?

In addition to wash down purposes,washdown hose sections may be used for garden and patio watering, car wash and wash down of equipment.

What is a washdown hose made of?

Wash down hoses are typically made from a vinyl material that is strong and durable, with brass connectors and fittings for better connection and no leaks. They can also be made from other materials such as stainless steel depending on the brand you purchase.

How does the washdown hose work?

Wash down hoses work by connecting to a clean water source (e.g. boat wash bay or water source at marina), using an inlet valve, then turning the faucet on full force to wash away dirt and other debris.


The washdown hose for boats is a great product because it’s durable, flexible and easy to store. It has been designed by professionals with years of experience in the industry so you can be sure that this washdown hose will not let you down when it matters most. To find out more about our washdown hoses or any other marine accessory we offer, please contact us today!

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