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How To Buy The Best Suspension Seatpost? (And What To Look For)

Looking for the best suspension Seatpost? Suspension seat posts are a great way to get more out of your bike, and they’re not just for mountain bikes. They can be used on any type of bike, from road bikes to hybrids.

You want a smooth ride without feeling every bump in the road or trail beneath you – then a suspension seat post is exactly what you need! The main benefit is that it absorbs bumps in the street or track, so you don’t feel them as much when riding over them. This makes your ride smoother and more comfortable overall.

We have all sorts of options available with different features like a remote lockout, adjustable travel length, and even dropper post compatibility if you want to make a change. So, if you’re thinking about buying one of the best suspension Seatpost options, then read on!

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Best Suspension Seatpost Reviews 2024


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We recently tested out the new ShockStop bicycle suspension seat post, and it’s a great product that is super affordable and easy to install.

The ShockStop bike suspension seat post features include: easy to install, adjustable travel length, shock-absorber bike seat post, and up to 60% less vibration from bumps and shocks on your ride. It reduces fatigue, increases efficiency, and makes for a very smooth ride as long as you have tuneable options as well.

If you’re looking for an excellent suspension seat post, then this one is great! We’re delighted with the seat post, and we especially love that it can be adjusted to suit our riding style. We’re not sure if this is the best seat post out there on the market, but we can recommend it because of its durability and high quality.

The installation process was straightforward since all you had to do was fit it into the bike. The seat post works excellent, and it was very affordable. If you’re looking for a suspension seat post to buy, we highly recommend the REDSHIFT ShockStop! It’s well worth the price.


– Easy to adjust for specific riding styles

– Super affordable for the quality of product

– Durable and reliable


– N/A

Cane Creek Thudbuster LT

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The Cane Creek Thudbuster LT is a great option for people who ride off the road. The suspension seat post has a 5-year warranty. There are two color options: black and titanium gray. The Thudbuster’s travel is 90mm, which will soften the bumps when riding off the road.

This thing also has a clearance of 146mm, so it’ll fit any bike with at least 146mm between the frame and the seat rail clamps. You’ll be able to choose from different elastomers when ordering the post and need to install them to get the maximum performance out of this post.

The medium firm elastomer pre-installed in this suspension post will provide good performance for people whose weight range is between 150lbs and 200 lbs. The heavier the rider, the softer elastomer should be installed to get a full suspension effect as a rule of thumb.

This is our favorite seat post. It has a small profile, so it does not interfere with our aerodynamic cycling. It has enough travel to suit our terrain, but not too much for the relatively flat roads in the area where we live. It’s easy to install (although more manageable with two people), and it never slips or loosens up even in hot weather.

The Thudbuster LT absorbs the bumps and is comfortable up to 200 pounds which is more than strong enough for us! It’s also quite durable – it looks like new even after many rides on bumpy roads!


– Good Off-Road Performance when the elastomers are installed.

– The 5 Year Warranty is a pro because you know that when your post needs to be replaced, you’ll get it for free and not have any out-of-pocket expense.

– There is an Adjustable Race and Collar Fit system, which allows for easy installation of different length posts.


– Some people complain about the installation being complicated and requiring two people to install the Thudbuster LT safely onto their bike frame.

REDSHIFT Dual-Position

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REDSHIFT Dual-Position suspension seat post that was manufactured by the company called Switch Aero System. This is a dual position suspension seat post which means it can be configured to be in either of two positions.

The best feature for us about this product is that we can switch between different positions with ease. The seat post allows us to configure it in either the road position or the aero position. This feature is very beneficial for all types of riders, especially triathletes, time trialists, and cyclists alike.

It also uses a patent-pending linkage design which ensures that our leg extension will always remain constant anytime we switch positions on the fly. This gives us the ability to engage our core muscles anytime we want.

We recommend this seat post because it is lightweight and made with stainless steel, so it doesn’t rust or corrode when it’s wet or humid outside. The saddle clamp is also very easy to tighten and does not slip at all, keeping our saddle in place.

The seat post has dimensions of 40cm length, 27.2mm diameter, 70mm height, 178g weight. It has rugged Chromoly rails that are compatible with almost all carbon fiber saddles on the market today. Long story short, this is a great seat post if you’re looking for comfort while cycling.


– The seatpost’s design allows the user to switch back and forth between a road position and an aero position.

– This product has a patent-pending linkage design that ensures proper leg extension in both positions, ensuring power can be applied evenly.

– Switching seats is accessible because of the lightweight stainless steel used. It also doesn’t rust when it gets wet outside.


– We didn’t like this product because it was difficult to clamp our saddle on it tightly and how easily it slipped off at times.

Cane Creek Thudbuster ST

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The Cane Creek Thudbuster ST has what is considered to be the best possible performance. There are three types of dampening that can be adjusted by the rider. The range of extension is limited, but it can withstand riders of up to 330 pounds. This post is designed for mountain bikes and road bikes.

It has a narrow diameter of 27.2mm and can support heavy riders who need more than 100 millimeters of travel on their post. This seat post is perfect for long rides on challenging terrain because it does not have the excessive bounce that seatposts without suspension are prone to.

Cyclists will also find that they do not have to worry about discomfort in this seatpost, as it puts less pressure on the pelvic region and distributes the rider’s weight more evenly.

The price of this post is much higher than other seatposts, but it is worth it for those who want a high-quality product that will be able to withstand rugged trails and difficult terrains. This seat post can be installed on any type of bike and does not need additional tools to be set up.

It has an aluminum construction that is lightweight and durable. This post can be installed by any bike enthusiast without special tools or accessories, making it a great option when considering which seatpost to buy.

It is important to note that this product does not come with its clamping system, so the original seat post clamp must be removed and replaced with the one that comes with this post.


– Lightweight and durable

– Can be installed on any bike type without tools


– Does not come with its clamping system

– Has a limited range of travel

– Is more expensive than other seat posts on the market

Cane Creek Thudbuster LT Suspension Seatpost 31.6

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After reading some reviews, we settled on the Cane Creek Thudbuster LT. It is 30mm shorter than the original Thudbuster, which makes it easier for us to get our feet back on the ground without having to hop up just to get off our bike.

It can absorb vibration about 7x better than its predecessor with plenty of travel if you’re traveling over rough terrain. The seat post also allows us to change weight elastomers for even more control of your suspension’s stiffness or softness.

The Cane Creek Thudbuster LT Suspension Seatpost 31.6 is a fantastic product for riders of all levels. Can post-install easily to your bike with little hassle. The THUDBUSTER LT has new advancements designed explicitly for the unique MTB riding style of today’s consumers.

The seat post has a travel capacity of 90mm, but bikes must have at least 146mm (5.74 inches) clearance between the frame and the seat rail clamps. This is a great product, and we highly recommend it to anyone who wants to change up their traditional bicycle distance!


– 30mm shorter than the original Thudbuster, more accessible to get feet back on the ground without having to hop up

– Ability to absorb vibration 7x better than its predecessor with plenty of travel if you’re traveling over rough terrain.

– The seat post also allows us to change the weighted elastomer for even more control of your suspension’s stiffness or softness.


– N/A

Best Suspension Seatpost Benefits

best suspension seatpost

The benefits of having a suspension seat post are many. The most obvious benefit is that the bike’s ride quality will be smoother, making it easier for you to handle rough terrain or features like roots and rocks. This can also come in handy on longer rides where your saddle begins to feel uncomfortable.

The best suspension seatpost will help take some weight off of your backside so that you can enjoy the rest of the ride without pain or discomfort.

It’s worth noting that this type of post may make it less likely for you to experience numbness in your hands since they won’t be pressed up against hard metal all day long as with a non-suspension design. And finally, if you’re riding down steep hills, the shock-absorbing properties might just save your life.

There are two general categories when it comes to rear suspension posts: mechanical and hydraulic lockout designs.

Mechanical suspension posts do not have any moving parts, so they are the least expensive and most durable. They will function as a standard seat post, with one notable difference: you can lockout (prevent it from moving) or release movement by twisting the locking bolt with a hex key or Allen wrench.

This is great for steeper climbs when you want to stay seated and be as efficient as possible.

Hydraulic lockout systems, on the other hand, are more expensive and rely on an internal piston that is filled with oil to support your weight. This requires some maintenance since you have to occasionally check the oil for cleanliness and replenish it as necessary.

But these benefits outweigh this drawback: you get a remote lever so that you can easily adjust the seat post right from your handlebars. That means you can stay seated and still easily unclamp the post when it’s time to climb steep sections of trail or road.

Another advantage of this type of rear suspension is that it feels more active than the mechanical design. The first part of installing your rear-shock seat post will be removing your current post. If you’ve never done so before, check out this helpful guide for proper disassembly.

Now, make sure your new post has the same diameter as your old one (most likely 30.9mm), and tighten it up nicely. Some models will need an adapter to be compatible with your current bike, especially if you plan to move the post between bikes frequently.

You can find out which size you need by checking the manual for your suspension seatposts. If the post includes a remote control, you’ll want to attach it to your handlebars and shifters accordingly before tightening everything up and adjusting the height and angle as needed.

And now comes one of those annoying little gotchas. You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t assemble your new suspension seatpost correctly until the very moment before you go riding, so if you do so prematurely, you’ll have to take it apart again. It’s true- at least for most models of seatposts.

Since hydraulic systems rely on oil, they can be easily contaminated or damaged due to exposure to the elements. So for best results, take it easy until you’re ready to go! And there you have it.

Now you know what the best suspension seatposts are, how they work, and why they might benefit your mountain biking experience. It’s important not to rush this step- make sure that your new post is compatible with your current bike and that it has the correct diameter for your seat tube.

To sum up, the best suspension seatpost brings:

– Smooth ride quality for a more comfortable experience

– Take some weight off of your backside to avoid pain or discomfort

– Numbness in hands reduced when gripping the handlebars instead of metal post

– A life-saving measure when going down steep hills

Factors To Consider When Choosing Best Suspension Seatpost

best suspension seatpost

It’s no surprise that the best suspension seatpost is not always easy to find. There are so many different models and options on the market today. It can be challenging to choose one that suits your needs. Fortunately, there are a few features you should look for to make sure you end up with a product that works for you!

Here are five things you need to know when shopping around for a new suspension seat post:

The Material Used In Construction

Most posts will be made from either aluminum or steel, but some may use titanium instead. Steel is cheaper and heavier than titanium, while aluminum is lighter and more expensive than both.

Titanium has more substantial properties and can withstand more vibration and weight, making it an excellent option for those that want the best quality.

The Length

How long should your best suspension seatpost be? There are two main measurements to look at: the first is the height or overall length of the tube. Generally speaking, you can choose from either 25mm or 30mm – although many brands such as On-One and Rockshox offer alternative options.

The Spring Type

There are three main types of spring to look at coil, elastomer, and air. Coil springs will provide a firmer ride than other options in general, with the most common type being the linear steel spring. Elastomers and air springs will give a more plush ride, with air springs generally offering the most comfort and versatility.

The Style

There are two main types of best suspension seatposts: those that use elastomers and those that use air. Elastomer posts will usually be cheaper than their air-sprung counterparts, although you should check the weight differences between the two before deciding.

If comfort is your priority, an air post will be the best option for you.

Suspension Lockout

If e-bikes are your thing, there are also options available that have suspension lockout functionality built-in. You can use this feature to limit any movement when pedaling on flat ground so that you can get the full power from every push.

FAQs About Best Suspension Seatpost

best suspension seatpost

– Why should I spend extra money for a suspension post?

If you want the best comfort and performance, you should purchase a suspension seat post. This will eliminate all the bumps and vibrations your bike experiences on the road, which can be tiring if you’re riding for long periods.

– Which type of seat post is best for me: air or coil?

The Coil Suspension Seatpost (SS) and the Air Suspension Seatpost (ASP) are highly recommended for those seeking comfort and performance. If you frequently travel, we suggest that you choose the Coil Suspension Seatpost. If not, we recommend that you get the Air Suspension Seatpost because it is easier to adjust and requires less maintenance than a Coil Suspension Seatpost.

– Will I need any tools at home in order to install it properly?

Yes. Basic tools like a hammer, wrenches, and screwdrivers are necessary to install any suspension seat post. You may not need all of them, depending on the model you purchase.

– Can I adjust the height of this seat post?

Yes, you can adjust the height of this seat post. Air Suspension Seatposts are adjustable with a knob, whereas Coil Suspension Seatposts require a wrench to be adjusted.

– Should I buy a new bike before installing this seatpost?

No. You can install this seat post on your old or new bike. However, if you want to have the best comfort and performance, it is best that you buy a new bike that has a suspension fork.


There are many things to consider when purchasing a suspension seat post, but this guide should help you find the perfect model for your bike. If comfort is top of mind, an air post will provide the best ride experience. For riders that frequently travel or want to save on maintenance costs, coil posts may be preferable.

It’s not always easy to find the best suspension seatpost, but you’ll want to make sure that it has all of the features you’re looking for. Whether you need something with a firmer or more plush ride, there are plenty of options out there that will work well for your needs!

You should also consider whether comfort is your priority over performance – and if so, an air-sprung post may be right up your alley. If this article was helpful in any way at all, please share it with others who might benefit from these insights! Let us know if we can answer any more questions about finding the right fit for your bike.

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