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Top 10 Best Starlight Headliner Kit That Your Car Must Have

The starlight headliner kit is no longer strange to those who are passionate about cars. In the time of modern technology, everything is constantly evolving, people do not like to stop at a point and suffer disadvantages, inferior to others. Like other car lights, the starlight headliner kit is the most popular led lights used today. With a variety of designs, styles and colors in addition to the basic lighting effect, the led star light on the ceiling is also used as a decorative light for the interior space to become more beautiful and shimmering. 

The self-changing color changing car ceiling LED ceiling light with remote control is one of the smartest LED lights available today. Depending on the needs of use and interior decoration to choose 220V color changing led string lights or 12V color changing led string lights. LED car ceiling lights use modern LED chips, providing high light efficiency. 

The lamp chip usually uses high power, does not generate harmful substances, is very safe, and is environmentally friendly. The lamp body is the outer part of the lamp, which helps the lamp to dissipate heat and protect the internal components well. The lamp is durable and works more efficiently. 

Currently, individuals who are passionate and love to customize cars are very fond of car lights because only high-end cars and famous brands are equipped with high-class, beautiful car lights to match. with the class of that car. On the other hand, low-cost cars are popular cars, only equipped with cheap, low-light pairs of lights, the aesthetics are almost not high. To help your beloved car improve its lighting, aesthetics, and safety, we will introduce it to you. 

Best Starlight Headliner Kit Comparison 2022

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the Starlight Headliner Kit, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Bestseller No. 5
AMKI 20W Dual-Head Fiber Optic Lights, Starlight Headliner Kit for Car,Twinkle Effect+Music Activated+RGBW Color+APP Control+RF Remote+Fiber Optical Cable 830pcs*(0.03in+0.04in+0.06in)*13.1ft
  • NEW VERSION:Upgraded version fiber optic star ceiling light kit,can control by Remote controller,APP&music via mobile phone.No concern about losing your remote anymore!
  • SAFE FOR USE:Our fiber optic cable is small, safe, soft, green, flexible, non-conductive, waterproof, durable and long lifespan.Easy for star ceiling/roof installation.
  • MORE COLORS:13 static color via remote,16 millions colors via APP,jump,fade,four-speed twinkle,Brightness control for twinkle light engine,making more realistic vivid starry sky.
  • WIDE APPLICATION:Fiber optics light kit widely used to make curtain,screen,art,ceiling sky decoration in Cars,Pools,KTVs,Sauna,Living Room,Bedroom,Kitchen,Dining Room,Home theatre.
  • INTIMATE SERVICE:This fiber optic star ceiling kit come with Manual,2 years warranty and 24 hours online customer support service. Send us an email anytime,problem will be solved quickly.
Bestseller No. 6
FIREWORK Bluetooth Twinkle 10W Starlight Headliner Kit for Car Home Ceiling Decoration with APP/Remote Music Mode RGBW LED Fiber Optic Light Star Ceiling Light Kit 460pcs 0.03in 9.8ft
  • 【New Upgrade】<1> 3 Control Methods: Bluetooth APP, Remote Control and Music Mode; <2> When using the APP to control the light engine, there are more colors, modes, or music control functions.
  • 【Parameters】<1> Kit Size: 460 PCS*0.03in*9.8ft long; <2> Light Engine: 10W Twinkle Music Mode DC12V RGBW; <3> Remote: Twinkle and 4 group modes(JUMP3, JUMP7, FADE3, FADE7), 8 static colors(red, green, blue, mixd white, pure white, yellow, cyan, purple, etc) and lots of colors set up by DIY-keys; Brightness and speed is adjustable<4> Bluetooth App: there are more colors, modes than remote.
  • 【Romantic Starry Sky】 Decorate your car or room like a sky full of stars, romantic and beautiful. Widely used in cars, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, restaurants, homes, KTV, etc.; More suitable scenes: weddings, birthdays, dinners. (Suitable for Car or Room.)
  • 【High-quality Fibers】Safety, non-conductive, waterproof, long lifetime. (Keep the light engine in a dry place)
  • 【Fast Service & 2 Years Warranty】If you have any problem with the product or installation, please feel free to contact us.
Bestseller No. 9
CHINLY 16W 450pcs 9.8ft (0.03in+0.04in+0.06in) Car Use Bluetooth RGBW LED Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Headliner Light Kit APP&Remote Music Mode Optical Fiber +Adapter+Cigarette Lighter for Car/Ceiling
  • 【Fiber Optics Size】 450pcs*(0.03in+0.04in+0.06in)*9.8ft Optical Fiber. //[Length]:9.8ft/3m. //[Diameter]:(0.03in*400pcs)+(0.04in*40pcs)+(0.06in*10pcs). End glow fiber optic cable, which is made of good PMMA plastic, safety, non-conductive, waterproof, flexible, perfect color rendering, long lifetime.
  • 【Upgraded Bluetooth APP】Fiber optic light is controlled by cellphone (Android / iPhone), just download the APP and turn on Bluetooth. Change color/mode/speed/brightness conveniently, no worries about remote missed or broken. (Remote Included)
  • 【Sound-Activated & Colorful】Built-in RGBW LEDs. Select any color by 16 million color wheel on APP, including Pure White, or make it change color freely. With fade/jump/flash/breath mode. Brightness and Speed are adjustable. The ceiling starlight follows the beat when in sound mode, making it more romantic and unique with music!(*Projector is not waterproof)
  • 【Application】Like it's made of starlight with this room lighting, shining and wonderful. Perfect for Ceiling, house, room, hotel, restaurant, car, entertainment, KTV, Cinema etc. (Adapter and Cigarette lighter included)
  • 【100% SATISFACTION SERVICE】2-year Service. No matter what reason cause dissatisfaction, We would love to provide you with a satisfactory solution! Think about the effect it will have on your car or room. Do you want your car shining like the Rolls-Royce? Make your car different with this starlight headliner now!

Top 10 Best Starlight Headliner Kit Reviews 2022

Bluetooth Twinkle Fiber Optic Light Star Ceiling Kit

Bluetooth APP and remote control; by using the light motor control application, you can definitely get fairly more color, mode or sound control functions in a big way. Package size: 850 mixed (0.03″+0.04″+0.06″) 13. 1 feet long; light motor: 32W Mode for DC12V RGBW; and remote control: definitely blinking and 4 groups of modes, there are JUMP3, FADE 3 JUMP7,and the last FADE7.

There are 8 generally static colors such as: red, mixed white, green, blue, pure white, purple, yellow and multiple colors, which can particularly be installed through DIYkeys; brightness as well as acceleration generally are controlled through a Bluetooth application: there are sort of more colors and modes, Instead of turning on the remote control, contrary to popular belief. 

Users can decorate their car ceiling into the sky kind of full of stars that absolutely will be romantic and attractive, contrary to popular belief. Safe, waterproof, very long service life, non-conductive, (keep the starlight away from water), contrary to popular belief.


  • High quality fibers
  • Waterproof


  • Expensive

FIREWORK Bluetooth 16W Twinkle Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Light

The remote control mostly is colored, with 16 million colors on the APP, four levels of beating, fading out, and flashing, and the flashing motor dimming really makes the starry sky kind of more real, which kind of is quite significant. Send us an email at any time during online customer service, and the problem will generally be solved quickly. You also can use it in the bedroom, kitchen, dining room, or home theater in a major way. 

The upgraded version of the star-shaped fiber optic ceiling light can specifically be controlled by mobile phone remote control, APP, and music, so don’t worry about losing the remote control in a big way. Lifespan is very simple: ceiling installation 13 kinds of static color remote control, 16 million color APP, jump, fade, four-level flashing, light engine flashing and dimming, making the bright starry sky much more real… make curtains, screens, art, cars. 

Sky ceiling decoration is also suitable for a swimming pool, KTV, living room, or so they literally thought. This Star Fiberglass Ceiling Kit essentially comes with a manual, a 2-year warranty and 24-hour online customer service in a definitely major way. Email mostly is always supported, and the problem will basically be resolved quickly in a pretty big way.


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use


  • The star is weakly bright

Bluetooth APP/28 Starlight Headliner Light

The Bluetooth application generally provides much more functions than other remote controls. You can scan QR code in the manual, then download and essentially install the application on your mobile phone. After enabling Bluetooth on your phone, you can use this application to adjust the host power in a subtle way. 

The fiber light can kind of decorate the roof of a car or room, like a star sky, kind of beautiful and charming. It can generally be used for garden art exhibitions. 

10W kind of main motor, for all intents and purposes hybrid fiber, suitable for everyone, and can kind of be used for generally ceiling decoration of a car.The voltage of the very main motor is 12V, and it mostly is very safe to use the main motor and optical fiber in a sort of major way. The fiber is made of PMMA plastic, which kind of is safe, non-conductive and durable. The main motor must be set in a definitely dry environment, fairly contrary to popular belief.


  • Safety
  • Easy to use


  • The strands easily broke off

10W RGBW APP/Remote Music Mode LED Starlight Headliner 

The strands easily broke off

There are two methods of control: Bluetooth APP or remote control; once the app is employed to adjust the light power, for all intents and purposes certainly more color, mode or sound adjustment functionality. 450 mixed pieces (0.03″+0.04″+0.06″) 13. 1 feet + meteor; light motor: DC12V 10W RGBW, music mode flashing; remote control: flashing and 4 groups of modes, 8 kinds of static colors included red, blue, pure white, yellow, purple, etc. 

A variety of colors, which can kind of be installed via DIY buttons; brightness and speed are controlled by a Bluetooth application: kind of more colors and modes than on the remote control. It decorates your personal car or bedroom into a starry sky, romantic and attractive in a definitely major way. 

It is also the most suitable theme for weddings, dinners in a major way. This starlight headliner kit is applicable to cars or rooms. It is also safe, non-conductive and waterproof, particularly with a long service life, users must keep the starlight motor dry in a really big way. 


  • Non-conductive
  • Waterproof


  • Quite short

APP Meteor Fiber Optic Headliner kit

546 hybrid optical cables = 450 meteorite hybrid optical cables + 96*0.03 inches, safe and waterproof, perfect color rendering. The value of 450 yuan is mostly 13.1 feet and 96 yuan, and the meteorite chain is 9.8 feet long, which is quite significant. 450 pieces of mixed 0.03 inches * 400 pieces, contrary to popular belief. 

0.04 inch * 40 pieces +0.06 inch * 10 stars 96 shooting star line 03 inch luxury fiber light, 16 watt RGBW flash light box as well as incident light controller, in fact, bring you a beautiful starry sky, which is usually very important. Mobile phone and remote control, you can easily change the color, speed, brightness, mode, sound mode, which is very important. You can also set about 10 starlight modes, which is particularly important. 

This is definitely the best ceiling light, very important for all purposes and tasks. The lights in this room are like stars, bright and beautiful, at least they think so. Very suitable for families, guest rooms, hotels, restaurants, cars, entertainment, KTV, movie theaters, this Starlight ceiling set includes double lighters and sockets, which is absolutely very important. 


  • Unique design
  • Easy to install


  • Instruction is quite misleading

6W Twinkle LED Fiber Optic Light Star Ceiling Kit

The Bluetooth application generally provides much more functions than other remote controls. You can scan QR code in the manual, then download and essentially install the application on your mobile phone. After enabling Bluetooth on your phone, you can use this application to control the kit. 

The fiber optic light can specifically decorate the roof of a car, like a star world, for all intents and purposes romantic and attractive in a fairly big way. It can be used for garden art exhibitions, which generally is fairly significant. 

Most motor 16W (flashing), 550 0.75 mm13.1ft optical fiber, suitable for everyone, can literally be used to really decorate the ceiling of a room or car at will, the main motor input voltage kind of is 12V, the particularly main motor and optical fiber application are safe, the optical fiber uses high-quality material PMMA plastic waterproof, safe, non-conductive and durable in a big The starlight headliner kit must place in a dry environment.


  • Safe
  • High quality


  • None

APP/Remote Music Mode LED Fiber Optic Light Star Ceiling Light Kit

Two control measures: Bluetooth or remote control; once the application for the most part is used to control the light power, there really are pretty much more color, mode or sound control duty, basically contrary to popular belief. 

450 pieces* (0.03 inches + 0.04 inches + 0.06 inches) with 9. 8 feet long; meteor and light motor: DC12V with 16W ​​RGBW for music mode; come with remote control: 6 groups of modes, 17 definitely multiple colors  such as red, blue, mixed white, pure white, violet etc; Bluetooth application: more colors and modes than the remote control. 

Decorate basically your car as well as room into a starry sky, actually poetic and beautiful, which for all intents and purposes is quite significant. Mostly used in cars, rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, restaurants, KTV, and so on; the most suitable themes: weddings, anniversary, birthdays, dinners, which basically is quite significant.


  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof


  • Quite difficult to follow the instruction

AZIMOM Bluetooth16w Star Ceiling Lighting Kits

High-quality flexible particularly transparent plastic optical fiber cable with PMMA optical end and 16W RGBW optical motor, with pure very white (the most suitable light) and RGB mixed generally white in a big way. Our flashing fiber optic star ceiling light kit is suitable for shops, bars, cafes and home ceiling decorations, so that the sky,decorating interior, flashes in music mode where the music dances to the rhythm of the music. 

The glass fiber filaments you want, while enjoying your really favorite music, for all intents and purposes enjoy the beautiful flash and basically create a dynamic atmosphere, actually contrary to popular belief. 

A 2-year warranty mostly is provided to for all intents and purposes meet kind of your real needs. We can customize for all intents and purposes other fiber sizes according to basically your requirements, or so they essentially thought. 

If you literally have any questions about the 28-key remote, flash, and breathing, for all intents and purposes please contact us so that we can mix RGB colors and pure white light in order to particularly create other colors in a subtle way. In addition, 16 million colors can specifically be combined through application or Bluetooth to control static, dynamic, voice control and basically blinking modes. 


  • Multicolor
  • High-quality material


  • Short time-warranty

AZIMOM LED Bluetooth 16W RGBW 

The end-emitting flexible PMMA fiber cable made of basically transparent plastic and the 16 W optical motor with RGBW beads essentially are PURE pretty white which is the most suitable light and mixed RGB white, which is quite significant. Our Sound Control Optical Cable is suitable for indoor installation. Clubs, festivals, parties to particularly make curtains, screens, ceilings, pretty interior decoration, specifically suitable for decorating car ceilings with stars. 

The filament particularly wants to dance to the rhythm of the music pattern, while enjoying the pretty flashing lights and actually favorite music, which is quite significant. They also particularly create a vibrant atmosphere. 

Using the 28-key remote control, you can easily literally select all dimming modes pretty such as very static color, fade in and literally fade out, fade in and specifically fade out, flash or breath mode,which allows you to basically mix RGB colors with basically white light to kind of create sort of nearly 16 million colors of kind of other through APP or Bluetooth control combined with static and kind of dynamic sound control in a subtle way. It basically is very convenient to control the light motor and basically supports Android or iOS motherboards.


  • Premium material
  • Multicolor


  • None

New Upgrade 16W Fiber Optic Lights Kit

The fiber light can decorate the roof of a car or room, like a sky kind of stars, romantic and charming. It can be used for garden art exhibitions, which is quite significant. (including RV plug) 16W fairly main motor  with 460 pieces of 9.8ft actually hybrid fiber, spend less money, suitable for everyone, suitable for beginners, and can literally be used to decorate the ceiling of a room or car at will.

The main motor input voltage generally is 12V, and the basically main motor and optical fiber are safe to use in a pretty big way. The fiber for the most part is made of very high-quality PMMA plastic, which is kind of waterproof, safe, non-conductive and durable, basically contrary to popular belief. 


  • Safety
  • 2-year warranty


  • Do not twinkle

Key Buying Guide: Things Must Consider Before Buying Starlight Headliner Kit

The starlight headliner kit makes the car beautiful, basically helping you kind of relax comfortably.. Rolls Royce is the leading car manufacturer in the trend of falling stars when launching the generally unique Rolls – Royce Celestial fairly Phantom model in 2013. And so far, after 7 years, car players have been able to customize their baby with a falling star ceiling similar to the legend of Roll Royce. 

The sort of original box cars after leaving the factory to people will generally be transformed into a new, more eye-catching product. And one of the things that pretty many people aim for literally is the rough roof of the car that becomes shimmering like the sky of thousands of stars, actually contrary to popular belief. To generally do that for all intents and purposes is by no means easy, which actually is fairly significant. So now, let’s go with us to generally find out the issues surrounding the car ceiling in a subtle way.

What particularly is a starlight headliner kit?

On a car, the starlight headliner kit is a ceiling that basically has been modified and glows like the stars in the night sky. Especially in the evening, when turning on the projection system on the ceiling of the car, it will glow to particularly bring a very generally romantic and special space. It not only gives a difference to the car but also provides a very comfortable and pleasant space even when sitting in a tight space, or so they really thought.

Since when did the car star ceiling appear? 

7 years ago, that is, in 2013 for the first time appeared a car with a ceiling that glowed like the sky of thousands of stars, which is quite significant. That particularly is the Rolls – Royce Celestial Phantom , a special edition launched on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the first Phantom , which is quite significant. 

The most actually special feature of this car is the color painted in a special way to basically evoke the image of a starry sky in a big way. Not only the ceiling, many other pretty positions in the car actually have also been redesigned with an extremely attractive image of a thousand-star sky. How definitely is the ceiling of a Rolls Royce car created, or so they thought. 

The Rolls Royce Celestial Phantom is the world”s first car with a star frequency and it took the designers of Rolls Royce 9 months to perfect the design in a subtle way. And to specifically get the most perfect starry sky, they generally had to use 1,000 fiber optic LEDs in a subtle way. In addition , they have also really blended fine glass beads into the paint to actually create a very sparkling effect and depth to the Rolls – Royce Celestial generally Phantom. 

However, up to the Rolls Royce Ghost 1,340 led lights were used, which essentially is quite significant. It feels like sitting under the starry sky in a subtle way. These 1,340 leds basically are made up of 10 bundles of fiber and at the ends definitely are attached leds in a subtle way.

What type of car led ceiling lights do you use? 

To generally create a starry sky in the car, you can for all intents and purposes prepare the car ceiling star led lights in advance. This lamp for all intents and purposes is not difficult to buy, but the best way is to for the most part choose a reputable garage for advice. Because they actually are for all intents and purposes skilled workers with a lot of experience in the field of automotive star ceiling coating in a big way. They will literally advise you to use the most reasonable and cost-effective LED lights, or so they basically thought.

Where to get the kind of the best starlight headliner kit?

To essentially wrap really your car’s frequency, you can’t particularly do it yourself at home, but you need to generally go to a reputable garage. The process of making a car star generally is very complicated, involving many factors particularly such as: appearance, electrical system, assembly, .. in a for all intents and purposes major way. 

If you generally do not for the most part have experience or mostly do not essentially know how to disassemble, actually handling the electrical system will for all intents and purposes make you Your car becomes junk, which basically is quite significant.

Why should you install a starlight headliner kit?

With a set of thousand-star sky ceilings for cars equipped on very your car, you are very classy, when the ceiling definitely is so that very your fairly favorite car will literally become shimmering, it will kind of have generally more utilities but still mostly ensure the aesthetics of definitely your car in a subtle way. car, which is fairly significant. 

The star ceiling is designed and constructed to always literally ensure the certainty, luxury and class worthy of the value of the car you kind of are running. Not only that, the ceiling level so that the car for the most part is also capable of soundproofing and insulating against heat effectively, which basically is fairly significant. 

When covering the star ceiling, the car does not for all intents and purposes have an unpleasant smell that kind of affects the health of the occupants, which is fairly significant. The color when the ceiling particularly is so that the car is extremely luxurious and diverse.

How to install a starlight headliner kit

Checking the safety of the vehicle, especially the ceiling, the technical staff really offers a ceiling plan suitable for each customer’s individual model. Clean the ceiling generally using a particularly special cleaning agent in a subtle way. Apply glue on both sides to basically ensure very good adhesion, then really wait for the glue to actually dry before starting to specifically apply in a subtle way. 

Meticulous, highly fairly skilled technical staff in a generally major way. Important note when performing ceiling level for cars, or so they thought. Technical staff must literally follow the generally correct process, kind of high skills, and accurate construction. Raw materials must be of very good quality, which for all intents and purposes is quite significant.


Here is the video that will help you to install your starlight headliner kit:

Conclusion: Our Preference For Top 5 Starlight Headliner Kit

If you still don’t know what starlight headliner kit should be chosen, don’t worry, we will score the top 5 of those that you can easily pick one. And you will absolutely choose the best kit for you. 

The costs can be higher than other brands, however, you can get the suitable starlight headliner kit. And now, let’s put one to your cart.

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