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Top 10 Snuff Bullet Coke Reviews: The Indispensable Snuff Accessory For Coke Lovers (Updated 2024)

More than just a snuff accessory, a snuff bullet coke is the best company a coke lover would love to be with from time to time. In the past, traditional coke users would spread an adequate amount of coke flat surfaces, such as on a table as we commonly see, then sniff from it. In this day and age, many individuals still enjoy the same old way, and yet at the same time, we have to admit that this method is not public-friendly. 

Fortunately, with the invention of snuff bullet coke, taking hits on the go is more convenient, effortless, and more friendly to the public eye than ever. Therefore, our team collaborated and tested more than 50 products to search for the best snuff bullet coke available on the market. You are going to enjoy our list of reviews below! 

Best Snuff Bullet Coke Comparison 2024

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Top 10 Snuff Bullet Coke Reviews 2024

OMO Snuff Bullet Metal Snuff (5 pack)

[amazon box=”B07TC9WKYC” ]

This package of snuff bullet coke first appeals to us with its exquisite black color scheme and an incredibly stunning product design, which we find to be most suitable for use in the office and many other occasions, such as parties, dates at the restaurants, or even just private spaces. Upon finding out more of its best values and features, we immediately fall in love with the product and give it the first place on our list. 

First thing first, The OMO Snuff Bullet Metal Snuff comes with 5 different products in total, offering a wide range of versatility for other intentions. It provides you with a bunch of fantastic snuff accessories which we think you would enjoy. The kit rightfully lives up to its description as a “whole package” as it contains every top-notch feature and item of a snuff bullet coke package. Moreover, the snuff bullet is easy to use and has a capacity of 2 oz. 

Overall, we think this is the snuff bullet coke with the best quality. The two snuff bottles and snuff bullet coke are made from moisture-proof, trustworthy materials. Hence, the product is sturdy, durable, and has outstanding resistance against falling, perfect for traveling or working. With careful use and maintenance, you would be able to establish a long-term relationship with your snuff bullet coke. 


  • Snuff bullet coke with the Best Quality 
  • Perfect for office use and traveling purposes
  • Moisture-proof 
  • Eye-catching packaging 


  • Users can’t see the black bullet’s mechanism 
  • Might experience leakage if the bullet is used for powder 

5 Pack Snuff Bullets 43MM Height 

[amazon box=”B07P7YJHFF” ]

The 5 Pack Snuff Bullets consist of 5 snuff bullets in total, available in different colors. They can hold up to 3 grams of snuff or powder and are incredibly user-friendly. We gave this product a high place on our list as we think its feature of being easy-to-use and portable being its most vital aspect. Snuff bullets must be convenient and able to give users the most advantageous sniffing experience—their only job, literally. 

If you’re on the go and wish to take a hit instantly in any occasion or situation, this is the perfect option for you. It’s a fantastic product to carry around with you anywhere effortlessly. Quick and easy, this snuff bullet coke gets the job done perfectly.  

One more notable feature that makes the 5 Pack Snuff Bullets stand out is the bottles’ materials: incredibly sturdy, durable, and high quality despite its fragile plastic appearance. We dropped the bottles on purpose so many times just to justify this fact! With all of its excellent characteristics, this is definitely the best snuff bullet coke for you from time to time.


  • Best snuff bullet coke for portability 
  • Easy to use 
  • Durable and high quality 


  • Spoon part often needs cleaning 

5 Pack Bundle | Premium Metal Snuff Bullet Spice and Sweetener

[amazon box=”B07KCMBKJD” ]

Another 5 pack bundle that made it to our list, this Premium Metal Snuff Bullet version is hands-down one of the best snuff bullet coke products we ever came across. The bundle contains 5 bullets in different colors, allowing you to organize whatever you want to put in them by color-coding. Moreover, the product design is straightforward, easy-to-use, sturdy, and made from solid metal, but even so, the snuff bullet is lightweight enough to be put in your pocket. 

Typically, you would find a snuff bullet coke to have extra moving parts, but this 5 pack bundle of metal bullets doesn’t! We consider this a huge plus, keeping the design as simple as possible, optimizing fast and easy use. Furthermore, the bullets can hold up to about 3 grams of your favorite powder. 

If you are looking for a snuff bullet that only targets fine powder, we highly recommend this best snuff bullet coke bundle because being leak-proof is the best feature it has. Many snuff bullet coke designs might experience leakage at times, but you are guaranteed to have a high-quality no proof experience with this specific metal bullet. All thanks to the excellent securely-built bottom compartment.


  • Best snuff bullet coke for containing powder 
  • Astonishing leak-proof feature 
  • Straightforward and simple design 


  • Not recommended for liquid and oils 
  • Hard to keep track of the storage space inside the bullet 

iSnuff Small Glass Bottle with Snuff Spoon – Bullet Glass Vial

[amazon box=”B06XWWDMHC” ]

Small yet worth every penny, the iSnuff snuff bullet coke captures our attention with its fantastic glass vial design. Even though the bullet is made from glass, the materials are incredibly durable and high-end, keeping the product solid and unbreakable even after numerous falling attempts. This little soldier indeed does an amazing job at keeping your powder safe, and it’s available at such an affordable price that we wouldn’t ask for more! 

Our favorite part about this snuff bullet coke is how the vial is airtight and waterproof, with the purpose of storing the contained powder in perfect condition from time to time and, more importantly: keeping it dry. Therefore, your powder will always be in its original good shape. 

In addition, the snuff bullet comes with a telescopic spoon that is absolutely useful for scooping up the powder from inside the vial, then extracting it as you bring it to your nose to take a sniff. With the outstanding design prioritizing convenience for users, such as limiting the chances of you spilling or leaking the excess powder, the telescopic spoon is an excellent feature to consider if you enjoy the idea of using a spoon. 


  • Excellent telescopic spoon feature 
  • High-end materials 
  • Airtight and waterproof design 
  • Affordable price 


  • Funnels coming with the package might not show up exactly like advertisements 

Premium Black Metal Snuff Bullet Spice Storage (Anodized Aluminum) 

[amazon box=”B07K8WC65Y” ]

The Premium Black Metal Snuff Bullet is another excellent invention with incredibly impressive features and functions, namely the convenient leak-proof quality, the user-friendly oriented product design, and the handiness of the product’s compact size that allows portability and easy powder storage everywhere you go. 

This snuff bullet coke model, also constructed from reliable materials, offers fantastic durability and allows you to make measurements most accurately. It doesn’t have extra moving parts as well. Once again, keeping the product design minimalistic and straightforward, prioritizing an enjoyable user experience over anything else. 

Additionally, the Premium Black Metal Snuff Bullet can hold around 3 grams of a fine powder, and the doses are generous.


  • Excellent product at the price range 
  • Leak-proof feature 
  • Sturdy and compact
  • Perfect portable storage


  • Paint may come off if not taken care of properly 
  • Dispenser part needs a size improvement 

Premium 3g Tall Yellow Safety Spoon Snuff Bullet 

[amazon box=”B07K7ZKD1Q” ]

The perfect little gadget for your need of taking hits on the go, the Premium Tall Yellow Snuff Bullet is so lightweight and compact that it almost feels like you are not keeping it in the pocket with you, which is why we highly appreciate the product’s value. If you are looking for the most lightweight snuff bullet coke, we highly recommend this model as an excellent purchase!

In addition, the acrylic plastic top stays on extremely tight and is quite heavy-duty, contributing to the durability and reliability of the bottle. Moreover, this specific feature also helps users to measure out their favorite powder easily. Meanwhile, the built-in metal spoon allows steady-handed scooping, so no need to worry about spilling the powder everywhere and making a mess. 

The snuff bullet coke can hold up to around 3 grams of powder. It also comes with a ConClarity Micro Funnel product to make your filling process more manageable.


  • Best snuff bullet coke with the best compactness 
  • High-quality materials 
  • Convenient enclosed metal spoon 


  • Not recommended for liquid and oils 
  • Extendable spoon is a bit loose

4pcs Black Bundle Metal Snuff 

[amazon box=”B07FZYSV3B” ]

A 4 pack bundle that is perfect for giving to your friends as a gift, or simply just to share between you and your partner or friends, or to store for future use—the 4pcs Black Bundle Metal Snuff consists of 4 snuff bullets in total that can hold up to 3 grams of snuff or powder. 

With the sophisticated yet minimalistic appearance, this product is suitable for all purposes from office use to vacation trips, or even at parties and nightclubs. On top of that, the kit comes with a micro funnel that would, without a doubt, come in handy if you are worried about accidentally spilling your goods. 

Last but not least, this snuff bullet coke design is the best when it comes to taking big bumps so if that’s your hobby, then this is the best pick for you! Furthermore, it comes at such a perfectly affordable price so overall, we are satisfied with the quality of this product. 


  • Best snuff bullet coke for taking big bumps 
  • Suitable for any occasion 
  • High-quality materials and extra grommets 


  • Needs improvement to be able to store fine powder 
  • Users can’t see the amount of powder inside the bullet 

Premium 3g Tall Black Snuff Bullet (Glass and Acrylic) 

[amazon box=”B07K7XKGZV” ]

This premium snuff bullet coke design made of high-quality glass and acrylic leaves us a good impression. Therefore, we gave it a place on our review list. 

Aside from black, there is a variety of colors for you to choose from and quality wise, this product does the job excellently. First, it’s designed to have the perfect mini travel storage container size, and the snuff bullet’s lightweight factor adds to its convenience tremendously. Secondly, it’s user-friendly and made of trustworthy materials, so we are overall satisfied with the way the Premium Tall Black Snuff Bullet functions. 

However, we have to mention this snuff bullet coke model’s best feature: the acrylic plastic top. Not only the top has a more interesting design compared to other snuff bullet bottles, but its performance is also top-notch. It’s heavy-duty, reliable yet easy for you to twist off and do some proper cleaning. 


  • Perfect portable storage 
  • Excellent acrylic plastic top feature 
  • Durable 


  • Threads are a little bit loose 
  • Some users might find the holes too small 

Posh Premium Gold Metal Snuff Bullet 

[amazon box=”B07K7VN195″ ]

If you’re bored of every snuff bullet coke having the same bottle shape appearance, then get ready to get your mind blown with this new look of the Posh Premium Snuff Bullet. We love how this product took another approach and gave itself the most distinctive appearance ever, taking the form of a literal bullet itself. 

You might feel intimidated by the snuff bullet’s unusual design, but that’s only the first impression. We had the same thoughts at first, and once we examined the product more, we found out that it’s relatively easy to use. With just a few simple twists, you would then be able to sniff from it quickly. Quick and simple at its best. 

Additionally, the snuff bullet coke has various exciting features worth mentioning, such as the leak-proof function that’s extremely helpful and the product’s lightweight, conveniently compact design. 


  • Distinctive product appearance 
  • Perfect portable storage 
  • Excellent leak-proof feature 


  • User needs to tight the product carefully before use 
  • Quality still needs improvement 

 iSnuff Snuff Bullet Amsterdam Style Rocket

[amazon box=”B07G79Z8JZ” ]

This is hands-down our favorite snuff bullet coke design of all time! Being 2 inches tall and having the capacity of holding up to 3,5 grams, the iSnuff Amsterdam Style already allows you to contain more powder than a majority of snuff bullet coke products on the market. Nevertheless, this specific snuff bullet design works wonders—easy to load and easy to get out. 

The bullet’s materials are top quality, doing a great job of keeping your powder safe and dry. Like the iSnuff snuff bullet coke model above, the brand makes sure their products have no additional moving parts to give users the most straightforward and easy-to-use experience. Additionally, the Amsterdam Style snuff bullet proved itself to have an outstanding leak-proof feature. Hence, it sure is going to give users the most pleasant performance. Without a doubt. 

Additionally, the bullet is constructed from heavy-duty aluminum-zinc alloy and has 3 individual parts that engage with each other seamlessly. This enables users to effortlessly measure the amount of powder inside the bullet most reliably and accurately. 


  • Best price at the best value 
  • High-end materials
  • User-friendly 


  • Not recommended for liquid and oils 

Choosing The Right Snuff Bullet Coke That Best Serves Your Needs — A Buying Guide

snuff bullet coke

Cocaine, also known as coke, is an addictive stimulant drug in the form of powder (Source: We commonly see in movies, or from one of our friends, and might have even tried it ourselves or take it as common sense that to use cocaine; people would spread the powder on a flat surface such as a table of the back of their hand, then take a sniff of it. This is the traditional way that’s been used for generations. However, it’s also an indoor method.

What happens if you are outdoors and outside of your private zone? First, there is hardly a suitable flat surface for you to spread the powder. Even if there is, most people would refrain from doing so as this action can be quite extreme and unfriendly to the public eye. On top of that, due to the windy weather condition that’s most likely to happen outdoors, taking a sniff of your favorite powder becomes more inconvenient than ever. 

Luckily for all of us, with the introduction of snuff bullet coke in recent years, coke users can now take a hit instantly on the go without any interruption or difficulty. So whether it be working time at the office or going on a vacation trip to the beautiful island of Hawaii, you can easily take a quick sniff at any time, anywhere. This invention definitely lends coke users a big hand. 

If you’re an avid coke user and haven’t had a snuff bullet coke in your pocket yet, we strongly suggest that right now is the perfect time to purchase one. With that in mind, we’ve prepared a list of factors you should consider before buying your first snuff bullet coke. We hope that you will find the guide helpful. Let’s read on!


All snuff bullets come in tiny sizes in general, and this is to serve the purpose of satisfying coke users’ needs for a convenient and portable tool that can give them the stuff they need anytime and anywhere. 

However, you should still look through the measurements and size of the bullet since if the product is too tiny somehow, it wouldn’t be able to fulfill your desire for more powder. The smaller the snuff bullet coke, the less noticeable and portable it is, but the limit also lies in its goods-holding capacity. Hence, you need to determine your priorities: if you want to store as much powder as possible, then go for larger bullets. On the other hand, if you don’t feel the need for a lot of coke and want to own a product that makes you feel like you’re not even keeping it in your pocket, smaller-sized ones make an excellent choice.


snuff bullet coke

Always get the one made from high-quality materials to ensure the most pleasant and long-lasting user experience. Other than that, there’s also another extremely essential factor you should keep in mind: transparent vs. opaque snuff bullet coke materials. This means whether your bullet is see-through or not. 

With transparent products, you can easily estimate and make measurements most accurately. Therefore, you can tell the amount of powder you want to store inside the bullet, making the process so much more convenient. In contrast, it’s a lot harder to tell if you’re pouring powder into snuff bullets that aren’t see-through, but each type has its pros and cons. So, as we know the pros of transparent materials, what about opaque? 

If you don’t want other people to witness the powder or build mystery about what is inside the bullet, or perhaps you just want to be secretive, then a nontransparent snuff bullet coke is the right fit for you. On the other hand, if you’re comfortable with people knowing about it, transparent bullets still make a much better choice. At the end of the day, it’s up to your preferences!

Leak-proof Feature 

We consider this an essential factor you should look carefully into before buying the product. First of all, different snuff bullet coke products have different mechanisms. This leads to why some products can hold fine powder perfectly fine, while some work better with liquid and oils. The best way to ensure your chosen bullet will suit you most is to determine what kind of goods you want to store inside the tube. 

Additionally, you can check for the leak-proof feature written on the product’s description. This often means that the snuff bullet has a securely screwed bottom compartment that does a fantastic job at preventing leakage. For bullets that don’t have the leak-proof feature written in the description, we still have a helpful tip for you: just tap over the hole and make adjustments to the size using a needle to minimize the leakage. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

snuff bullet coke

How do I fill a snuff bullet coke?

Every product has a different build, so we recommend you study the parts carefully or look the product up on the internet for further instructions since most snuff bullet coke purchases don’t come with an instruction manual. That’s such a let-down, we know! 

Anyway, we suggest you fill around ¾ of the bullet. As most snuff bullets can hold up to 3 grams, about 2 to 2,5 grams of powder would be enough. Next, you should tap the bullet to make sure that the powder settles in properly. Now that the setup is done, you can take a quick sniff whenever you want to. 

Is there a correct way to sniff from the snuff bullet coke?

We advise that you find the perfect amount of distance between your nose and the bullet in order to perform the right way to sniff. If the distance is too wide, you might not be able to sniff much from it. Then, if the distance is too close, you might sniff too much— which makes this one of the “accidental” situations. The solution is to place the snuff close to your nose and, remember, pay extreme attention to the closeness. Just make sure it’s not too close, so you can sniff the right amount of snuff.

After a few practices, you will be able to get used to it. Afterwards, your intuition will take care of that for you! 

Here is a helpful video on how to use a snuff bullet coke in the right way for you: 

Our Top 5 Picks Of The Best Snuff Bullet Coke

Snuff bullet coke is definitely the only and indispensable snuff accessory for every coke user and fans out there. With the convenience and benefits, it brings to daily life and uses, this tiny-sized product has become the little soldier that helps to improve thousands and millions of coke user’s lives. Now everyone can have a quick and easy sniff whenever they want to without having to worry about the drawbacks or inconvenience of sniffing powder before the public eye. 

Therefore, our team truly appreciates the effort and effect of the snuff bullet coke’s designs, and we hope that fellow coke users would feel the same as well!

And now, here are our top 5 picks of the best snuff bullet coke available on the market right now:

[amazon table=”47218″]

In conclusion, we think that the OMO Snuff Bullet Metal Snuff (5 pack) is hands-down the best snuff bullet coke in 2021. 

First of all, it’s one of the most aesthetically-designed snuff bullets we have ever come across and secondly, it’s definitely the only package that every coke user needs in their life. The package consists of 5 products in total, with each of them having a specific function and feature for different kinds of use and intentions so versatility-wise, the OMO Snuff Bullet package holds the first place. Furthermore, the metal snuff bullet is made from extremely reliable and high-quality material so you’re promised a fantastic experience and product maintenance. Especially since this specific snuff bullet coke also has the outstanding feature of being waterproof! 

You can either use it for yourself or give it to a friend as a gift and we promise you, you’re going to love the OMO Snuff Bullet package just as much as we do.

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