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Maui Jim Knock Offs Will Help You Be More Comfortable Under The Sunshine

What do you think about summer? It is the time for a long holiday, a great time to relax in a year, a wonderful time to create the best memories, right? However, have you ever thought that the sunshine in this season is extremely severe? If you have thought about this problem, we think that you need to have sunglasses. And the Maui Jim knock offs is a selection which is worth being tried once.

And we know that everyone knows about Maui Jim as a famous and expensive brand. Not only that, nowaday, in the market, there are many products which are not really good. That is also why many people are worried about getting one. If you also have a similar worry like that, stop it right now because in this article, we will give you 10 best items that you may like. Now, get started with us to know which they are.

Best Maui Jim Knock Offs Comparison 2024

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Top 10 Maui Jim Knock Offs Reviews 2024

Maui Jim Women’s Wassup Bigradient Sunglasses

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Come to the first recommendation we found out. It has the name Maui Jim Women’s Wassup Bigradient Sunglasses. Because this is the item which starts this list, we think that we will need to talk much about it. See its information right now.

These sunglasses have an extremely simple design. With the black and grey are the main colors. The frame was made from nylon – which is the main material was used to make the frame by Maui Jim. That is the reason why these glasses’ frame is very sturdy and strong. In addition, it is also very durable.

The glass lense was designed with a neutral grey color. Thanks to that, it is able to reduce light and brightness better. Not only that, it was equipped with the PolarizedPlus2 lens technology combined with a UV prevention coating. This design helps sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful rays such as UV and gives you the realest color via glasses.

Having a simple and popular design and a stable quality, this will be a great choice for you to enjoy a holiday in the best conditions. Not only that, you can mix it with every piece of clothing easily without thinking too much.


  • Width – 60.5 mm.
  • Height – 40 mm.
  • Bridge – 17 mm.
  • Arm – 120 mm.
  • Strong, sturdy nylon frame.
  • Neutral grey lenses.
  • UV protection coating.
  • PolarizedPlus2 lens technology.
  • Wonderful durability.


  • It may be too heavy on your face.

Maui Jim Kawika Square Sunglasses

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Maui Jim Kawika Square Sunglasses are the next product for you. It is not only for women, both men and women can use it too. Check it together.

About technology and material, almost all items of Maui Jim are similar to each other. First, the frame was also made from nylon. Therefore, it is extremely lightweight and suitable for wearing for a long time. Not only that, the frame design of this product is one of the original styles of this brand too. Hence, you can feel a little classical from these sunglasses.

Even though the lenses were made from the composite material, they were still equipped with the polarized technology and coated with an UV protection. These are the special parts which help you to look clearly and sharply with the Maui Jim knock offs in front of your eyes. And of course it will also protect your eyes safely from any bad effects from UV rays.

More special, the red mirror coating of this item will make it become more fashionable and attractive.Not only that, it also contributes to better eye protection and slightly improved colors. Such a really amazing item. Do you think you will try it soon?


  • Width – 54 mm.
  • Height – 40 mm.
  • Bridge – 18 mm.
  • Arm – 140 mm.
  • Frame is nylon.
  • Lightweight frame.
  • Lenses are composite.
  • Coated with a UV protection.
  • Polarized lens.
  • Red mirror coating.


  • The frame is not really sturdy. It can loose after a period of use.

Maui Jim Women’s Punchbowl Rectangular Sunglasses

[amazon box=”B003YVIAJK” ]

The third selection we want to introduce to you today is Maui Jim Women’s Punchbowl Rectangular Sunglasses. This product was designed for women but it still looks very cool. Let’s see which it has.

This rectangular sunglasses has a description which is like the first product we introduced so much. About the frame first, it was still made from nylon to help it be lighter and more suitable to wear for a long time without being hurt. Different from the first one, the frames of the lenses are designed to be more curved at the corners for a fresher and newer look.

The lens’s material is glass too. Of course the PolarizedPlus 2 technology is an indispensable part as well as the UV protection coating. Because they will ensure your eyes are alway safe under sunshine and give you the best conditions to be able to see the real beauty of the world around you.

And the color was used to make its appearance look more beautiful is also neutral grey. However, in this product, it has a little blue tone in it. Hence it looks more different and attractive. In addition, this blue tone also helps your eyes feel cooler and more comfortable. Not only that, this small change will give you a more fashionable accessory but still not cause any difficulties in choosing clothes. Another version, is it better?


  • Width – 54 mm.
  • Height – 36 mm.
  • Bridge – 17 mm.
  • Arm – 135 mm.
  • Frame was made from nylon.
  • Lens was made from glass.
  • Neutral grey color of lenses.
  • Coated UV prevention.
  • Equipped with PolarizedPlus2.


  • It is pretty hard for users to clean.

Maui Jim Kanaio Coast Wrap Sunglasses

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Another one for you to consider is Maui Jim Kanaio Coast Wrap Sunglasses. It has a full black color. Come to see more features of this item.

First, when you have a quick look at this product’s appearance, you may think it is probably similar to the Women’s Punchbowl Rectangular Sunglasses. However, actually, it is completely different. Its corners were designed slightly square – many people call it square frame glasses. This detail makes the overall clear glass look a bit masculine. Therefore, if you are female, it will be more suitable for those of you who have a personal style.

Second different feature, the lens is still neutral grey but it has a more black tone than others. Hence, it will look cooler with a full black body. But you are still able to ensure it because it was equipped with a PolarizedPlus2 lens. And everyone knows that it will protect your eyes from harmful UV.

Besides, the frame was made from nylon like others. And with this product, the producers may make it better so it didn’t receive too many ungood reviews. If you don’t like sunglasses which have frames with traditional rounded corners, you can change by choosing these Maui Jim knock offs.


  • Width – 61 mm.
  • Height – 38 mm.
  • Bridge – 17 mm.
  • Arm – 127 mm.
  • Nylon frame.
  • PolarizedPlus2 lens.
  • Neutral grey color.
  • Design slightly square corners.


  • We didn’t find any bad points from its information

Maui Jim Byron Bay W/Patented Polarizedplus2 Lenses Wrap Sunglasses

[amazon box=”B071L9DN5G” ]

Continue this list, the next item we think is also a great choice for you. The thing we are talking about is Maui Jim Byron Bay W/Patented Polarizedplus2 Lenses Wrap Sunglasses. Now, we will show you the information about this product here.

Here is another similar item to the one above. It still has a pretty square nylon frame. However, the nylon which was used to make this item may be better so it receives more good reviews than others. In addition, the border of the frame is made thinner. This is also one of the reasons why it becomes lighter.

About the lenses, it completely doesn’t have any differences. The material is glass too, the color is also neutral grey. And it was equipped with polarized technology to help you have better, clearer and sharper colors, preventing UV rays coating to ensure your eyes are always safe in both good and bad conditions.


  • Width – 62 mm.
  • Height – 42 mm.
  • Bridge – 19 mm.
  • Arm – 125 mm.
  • Frame is nylon.
  • More lightweight.
  • Polarized glass lenses.
  • Old color – neutral grey.
  • Special design for staying at the right place in any conditions.


  • The color of lenses is quite dark and makes your vision worse.

Maui Jim Men’s Southern Cross Wrap Sunglasses

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At the next position, we have a selection for men. Before starting it, we want to say that from here, we will only talk briefly about each product because we think you may know more about the Maui Jim Knock Offs. And the selection for men is Maui Jim Men’s Southern Cross Wrap Sunglasses.

This item was designed with the 43 frame to have a more different size and appearance. A square frame combined with a green mirror coat on the lenses makes it have a really unique look. In addition, the manufacturers also provide customers with more color of mirror coating such as green, brown and black. Get a color suitable with your style, it will become a highlight in your outfit.

Not only that, it still has the UV protection coating to protect your eyes better and safely. And of course, the PolarizedPlus2 technology on glass lenses is an indispensable part because it is the part which helps you have a better vision with the most realistic colors about the world around you.


  • Width – 63 mm.
  • Height – 44 mm.
  • Bridge – 17 mm.
  • Arm – 120 mm.
  • 43 frame.
  • Glass material.
  • UV protection coating.
  • Polarized design.
  • Green mirror coating.


  • It can fog up more easily.

Maui Jim Women’s Qxolu’olu Cat-Eye Sunglasses

[amazon box=”B07TMQW5W1″ ]

Here is the next recommendation for you. It has a pretty cute name: Maui Jim Women’s Qxolu’olu Cat-Eye Sunglasses. Let’s see if it is cute like its name.

First, the old information that you can read from many products from Maui Jim is nylon frames. It is quite like an exclusive design and they use it for almost all sunglasses to make the product more lightweight and ensure giving users a great experience when wearing them for a long time.

Like what you can see from its name – cat-eye. That is right. It was designed pretty similar to the cats’ eyes with the sides slightly raised up a bit and the bottom was made extremely very rounded. From that, you can feel it is a little strange but still extremely eye-catching.

And similar to another item for men we introduced, it still has a green mirror with the PolarizedPlus2 technology and UV coating. Thanks to that, this choice will bring to you a best experience including a fashionable accessory anda tool that protects the eyes from harmful rays.

Besides, they still create more colors for you to choose. It consists of 3 choices: green with black frame, brown with leopard print frame and black with a quite brown frame. You will probably choose suitable ones for yourselves easily.


  • Width – 57 mm.
  • Height – 48 mm.
  • Bridge – 17 mm.
  • Arm – 140 mm.
  • Nylon frame too.
  • Special green mirror.
  • PolarizedPlus2 lens.
  • High durability.
  • Protect eyes from UV well.


  • The material of the lenses is not too expensive like others.

Maui Jim Banyans Rectangular Sunglasses

[amazon box=”B002FU6UKW” ]

We only have 3 remaining selections for you today. Go on to finish it soon. Now, we come to the Maui Jim Banyans Rectangular Sunglasses. Do you know any information about it? If not, go with us, we will let you know right now.

3 last recommendations for you will have a completely different point of the frame. We don’t talk about the material. It is design. Even though Maui Jim still made frames from nylon to give customers a comfortable feeling while wearing, they wanted to create a new style so the frame in the front was omitted to be minimalist.

Therefore, only the junction between the 2 lenses remains, without the surrounding frame. And of course, they make sure it is safe for users’ skin face by machining the surrounding of the lenses carefully in order to make it completely smooth and cannot scratch the skin. Therefore, the sunglasses will not cause any uncomfort or hurt for you while wearing them.

Besides, the lenses still keep the old equipment – preventing UV coating, polarized design and neutral grey color. That is the reason why this product is able to not only protect eyes from harmful and bad effects but also give you a good feel and experience about the world like without sunglasses.


  • Width – 70 mm.
  • Height – 41 mm.
  • Bridge – 17 mm.
  • Arm – 130 mm.
  • Material of the frame is nylon.
  • Polarized technology.
  • Prevent UV with a coating.
  • Neutral grey lenses.
  • Amazing durability.


  • The case that comes with Maui Jim Knock Offs is a little cheap.

Maui Jim Ho’okipa Rectangular Sunglasses

[amazon box=”B01H22TEV4″ ]

If you are tired, relax a little and go on this list with us. It is called Maui Jim Ho’okipa Rectangular Sunglasses. Are you ready? We will give you the information about this product at once.

From the beginning to now, these may be the sunglasses with the most special design of appearance. First, the frame was made from more material. They include nylon, grilamid and polycarbonate and are still lightweight – because this is a wonderful point for customers.

Secondly, like what we said, the surrounding frame was omitted and only the lenses remain. Next, it was designed to be more curved to hug your face better when you wear it. From that, it will bring to you a new and special feeling as well as looking.

Not only that, this product has a more special look than others because it has a blue Hawaii mirror coating, which makes customers feel fresh and relaxed when looking at it. However, you don’t need to worry that they only cared about that part.

Because all products from this brand will not be produced without the most important technology – an exclusive coating to prevent UV, the PolarizedPlus2 technology to give you a realistic vision about everything you can see.


  • Width – 64 mm.
  • Height – 39 mm.
  • Bridge – 17 mm.
  • Arm – 130 mm.
  • Frame was made from nylon combined with grilamid and polycarbonate.
  • Lens was made from composite material.
  • A coating to prevent UV.
  • PolarizedPlus2 lenses.
  • Blue Hawaii mirror coating.


  • The case of glasses is not still cared about much.

Maui Jim Hikina Rectangular Sunglasses

[amazon box=”B07Z16R5WD” ]

And the last choice in this article today is a product which has a quite similar appearance with the one above. That is Maui Jim Hikina Rectangular Sunglasses. Don’t waste a lot of time. Here is all its description.

If you are looking for a product of sunglasses that has enough colors for you to select, you can consider this recommendation. Because it consists of up to 7 colors of lenses: pink, green, blue, black, brown, green mix brown and light brown.

And that is the most attractive feature of this selection. About other points, they are still similar to almost all items of the Maui Jim brand. Such as the material was used to make the frame is nylon to help it be more lightweight. The lens was equipped with a polarized design to ensure you can see everything really and better. And the UV prevention coating will protect your eyes completely in front of harmful UV rays.


  • Width – 62 mm.
  • Height – 45 mm.
  • Bridge – 14 mm.
  • Arm – 136 mm.
  • Nylon frame for lightweight.
  • Protect eyes from UV by a coating.
  • Give a good look by Polarized design.
  • Many colors mirror coating.


  • The frame was made top quality. It is pretty slimier than others.

Some These Features Will Help You Get The Best Maui Jim Knock Offs.

All the Maui Jim knock offs always own their standard conditions of the brand. Such as the material of the frame. They usually use nylon (or combined with some other materials) because nylon can make the sunglasses lighter and don’t hurt users when they wear them for a quite long time, even during a long day.

Next about the lenses, they were usually made from glass and composite material. It is easy to understand why the makers choose that material. Just because it is safe and is able to give a wonderful vision and experience for customers. Besides, it is also durable enough to use for a long time.


And of course the PolarizedPlus 2 technology and UV protection coating are the parts indispensable of each glasses from Maui Jim. Because their abilities like we shared above with you are very wonderful. And also because they are exclusive technologies which contribute to the brand and quality of the products of Maui Jim. Even so, you still have some features to care about to ensure the product you get is the most suitable for you.

The size.

Because they have some items only for men, some others only for women and also have some choices for both men and women. That is the reason why they have to make them with different sizes. And one thing is for sure, not all sizes can fit your face. Thus, we advise you to check the lens width, lens height, bridge and arm in their description to make sure you will receive a product like what you want.

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The design.

The decision about design of each person is not similar. And to get a pretty design and know that it can make you look better and more fashionable or not, you need to check all the images the makers supply. Because they will have the images from all shooting angles, you are able to see the glasses really. From that, you can know the good choice for yourselves. And when depending your style to a product, you will also be happier each time you use it.

The color of the lens.

The color of the lens is also an important part. It will affect your vision a lot. In this problem, you need to depend on your demands to give selection. For example, if you want to look everything warmer, you can choose the sunglasses with red lenses. Or in the case you want the world around you to become cooler, the blue lens glasses are a great selection for you to try. And so on. Please remember to read all the information that the producers supply at the description of each item, they are very useful for you.


Did you choose the nice Maui Jim knock offs for yourselves? If you are still hesitant to give the last decision, read this table. It includes 5 best choices of this topic in our opinion. You can consider them too.

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