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Top 15 Best Cuban Coffee K Cups In 2024 – Best Beverage For Fresher Days

Would you be a coffee connoisseur who enjoys Cuban coffee k cups? We’re back, but this time we’re going to inform you about the greatest Cuban coffee k cups alternatives to purchase in 2021. They may not be manufactured in Havana, but they may give you a flavor that is deeper and more delicious than the genuine. 

Coffee connoisseurs are always on the lookout for new flavors and textures in the hopes of discovering something exceptional out of the sky. Coffee addicts’ appetites are generally sparked by tastes that are uncommon and difficult to get. This flavorful, creamy Cuban espresso is among them. For a valid reason, Havana coffee is considered “the best coffee in the world.” 

Unless you’ve had a café de Coco or cardiac arrhythmias, you will know how great this creamy, rich coffee can taste. However, where can you go for the appropriate beans to make Cuban cappuccinos? Don’t worry, we‘re nowhere to assist you with your shopping. Read this evaluation to discover the finest Cuban coffee k cups for you, and order them with a couple of clicks from this page!

Best Cuban Coffee K Cups Comparison 2024

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Top 15 Best Cuban Coffee K Cups Reviews 2024

Pilon Cuban Coffee/Espresso Blend – Best cuban coffee k cups for rich options

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In the center of our ranking, Pilon Whole Grain Restaurant Mix Espresso packs a punch. It’s a deep, rich option that may be enjoyed plain or by a sweetened Cuban-style marinade. This roasted and ground coffee won’t please you when you don’t enjoy a bitter taste in your espresso. It was also a little costly, therefore it’s a little lower on our ranking. 

It may bring a bit of Miami inside your kitchen, and is used at restaurants all across Southern California. This recipe is full-bodied and delicious! It’s made entirely of Arabica beans, which give it a dark color and no harsh taste. It has a pleasant aroma throughout your home and is compatible with any espresso machine. The legumes have a little oil flavor.


  • A strong profile.
  • Milk and sugar are not an issue.
  • It has a creamy texture.
  • Expensive.


  • he aftertaste is bitter.
  • Only 16 oz. the scheme is available.

Caf̩ Bustelo Cuban Espresso Coffee РBest cuban coffee k cups for dark shades

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The dark shade is a fantastic choice for post-Cuban coffee as it’s made of 100 percent pure and high-quality beans. Those coffee beans have the advantage of being suited for a variety of brewing techniques. They do, nevertheless, have a foul taste and aren’t as robust as ordinary dark roasts. Regardless, this espresso would be ideal for a medium grind hunter on a price. 

Let’s look at a few of the advantages and disadvantages of Café Cuban Filter Coffee. The fermentation process is indeed the actual key of Bustelo’s soybeans: they utilize big quantities to increase power over the government and ensure that the beans arrive in the best possible condition. It also works! They’ve created a coffee with a unique flavor.


  • Affordable.
  • Dark roasted coffee.
  • Pre-ground Havana coffee is a wonderful choice.
  • Adapts to a variety of brewing techniques.
  • Produces a flavorful result.


  • There is a harsh aftertaste.
  • Black roasts that aren’t as strong as ordinary dark browns.

Bustelo Supreme Whole Bean Espresso Coffee – Best cuban coffee k cups for coffee mix

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This Cuban Espresso is our top choice on our collection of the greatest Cuban coffee companies. This medium roast coffee mix, composed entirely of Roasted coffee beans, has been well for producing Café De Coco. You may adjust the grinding intensity to get the taste you want.

However, when compared to many Cuban coffee shops, this coffee might be a little weaker. So, if you’ve been drinking Cuban espresso for a quite long time, you might not like this kind. It is, nevertheless, an excellent pick for anyone looking to learn about and acclimatize to the culture of Cuban espresso. Let’s glance at a few of the advantages and disadvantages of Bustelo Coffee. 


  • Coffee is made from whole beans.
  • Dark roasted coffee.
  • Arabica coffee grounds are 100 percent Arabica.
  • The flavor and scent are fantastic.
  • It’s perfect for preparing Café De Coco.
  • It is possible to grind in a controlled manner.


  • A little pricey.
  • A weaker cup of coffee.

Mayorga Organics Caf̩ Cubano Roasts РBest cuban coffee k cups for medium-roasted

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Mayorga Natural Café Cubano Steaks is a medium roast coffee with vanilla and honey syrup undertones. They mix the distinct trademark flavor and texture by roasting lattes from Peru, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. However, this coffee might be a little stronger than some other dark grinds. 

Another issue for the customer is the out-of-the-ordinary price choice. Getting a little package is cheaper than paying for a bigger one. Mayorga uses non-GMO, natural, and kosher soybeans that are dark roasted. The result is indeed a coffee that is full-bodied, robust, and creamy, with subtle vanilla notes.


  • Dark roasted coffee.
  • Shade-grown Sativa, 100% Robusta.
  • The finish is very smooth and powerful.
  • A taste that is both strong and distinct.
  • Acidity is low.
  • Non-GMO status has been confirmed.


  • For novices, it may be rather challenging.
  • The cost of a little box is high.

 Café Bustelo Espresso Keurig K-Cup Pods – Best cuban coffee k cups for well-balanced flavors

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Even while Keurig coffee machines can’t create espresso, many include a preset for strong coffee or espresso concentrate. The espresso replacement is delicious by itself, and if you’ve got a milk burr grinder on hand, it may be used to create lattes and coffee drinks. Café Bustelo’s finest K-Cup for strong, espresso-like coffee has been around for over a century. 

Consumers praise it all from the food’s richness and depth to its return on investment in the company’s brand brewed coffee cold brew, which has received rave reviews web. Once you are in the supermarket, search for Café Bustelo’s trademark yellow containers and cartons. Many reviews laud the coffee’s well-balanced flavor and drinkability, which are both trademarks of a good medium roast.


  • Attractive packages
  • Good taste
  • Satisfying customer service
  • Positive reviews
  • Made of high-quality materials


  • A bit costly
  • Quite weak

Keurig Cafe Bustelo Espresso K-Cups Cuban (36 Count)

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This coffee has been described as delicious for generations, and with good cause! Have an enticing fragrance and a strong taste. There are a few underlying sweet undertones that combine to form a smooth, delicious flavor that provides you an extra boost. This medium roast coffee comes gluten-free and is excellent in both traditional stove and automated coffee machines. 

Perron has an irresistible robust, dark, and powerful taste character. They utilize a mix of Sativa and Robusta espresso beans to create a blend that they say is among the most accurate replicas of traditional Havana coffee. Naviera, like other Cuban-style roasters, enjoys dark roasting its pods. Dark chocolate has notes of anise. 


  • Extremely cheap
  • Mocha and espresso drinks are smooth and creamy.
  • Worth buying
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Satisfying customer service
  • Positive reviews


  • Quite weak
  • Heavy

Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend K-Cup Coffee

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Major Dickason’s Mix: Developed by Mr. Peet but his most discriminating client, Captain Dickason’s Mixture has become synonymous with Peet’s rich, delicious taste. Taste & Roast: A world-class mix that is rich, nuanced, and full-bodied. Roasted and ground coffee. Process: Moisture and cleaned. 

Brewers who use a Keurig: Most Keurig K-Cup Processors are suitable with Peet’s reusable K-Cup Containers. Peet’s Dedication: To create our distinctive fresh taste, we select the best ground coffee from across the globe, toast them in tiny amounts by hand, and maintain the highest level of freshness. Assurance of Quality: Coffee that is 100 percent Arabica and certified Kosher.


  • Affordable.
  • It can withstand the addition of milk and sugar.
  • The flavor is muted.
  • It is devoid of scent.


  • The aftertaste is bitter.
  • Weakness in strength.

Café Bustelo Espresso Coffee, 72 Keurig K-Cup Pods

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There are twelve Café Bustelo Coffee Different Coffee K Cup Containers in this box. Made with 100 percent pure, elevated ground coffee that has been expertly roasted. Medium roast espresso with a filled, powerful taste and enticing fragrance. Even without milk or sugar, this Latino communication is extremely outstanding.

Suitable with K Cup machines, these K-Cup pods are perfect for making coffee drinks like Cortaditos and Café with Crème. It is possible to recycle K-Cup Capsules. In certain areas, recycling is not possible. The first moment you taste the scent of this hot chocolate, you’ll be addicted. Each day, the very first item I grab for would be dark, wealthy coffee. It’s delicious both freshly crushed and already powdered. It possesses.


  • Bustelo’s coffee is delicious.
  • Brew in a hurry.
  • Now available in Keurig capsules.
  • The best Cuban espresso I’ve ever had.


  • A bit weaker than expected.
  • Quite cheap.

Supreme By Bustelo Whole Bean Espresso Coffee

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This coffee chain has a premium combination of the best coffee beans, giving it a deep, black flavor. Let’s pretend you’re a big fan of high-quality espresso and latte shots. This brewing company may be suitable when you’re in that situation since its tea bags are carefully toasted for the creation of such delicious coffee. 

Most coffee junkies prefer Cuban Café with Leche, which would be half milk & half espresso. If you enjoy these sorts and tastes of coffee, Superior by Bustelo Filter Coffee can give you lots of the ideal espresso sauce. The use of coarsely ground instant coffee as well as a long roasting process aids in the creation of an optimal coffee mix.


  • Mocha and espresso drinks are smooth and creamy.
  • The espresso is enhanced by a combination of the best ground coffee from across the world.
  • Make yourself a delicious cup of Havana Café with Leche.
  • The fascinating scent that transports you to a cafe in your own house.
  • This is a fantastic technique to make a robust black coffee.


  • Not an amazing cup of coffee.
  • This has a pungent taste to it.

Gavina Old Havana Espresso

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Do you like coffee that has a salty flavor to it? So, you’ve got one. This  Old Havana Coffee is a 100% Cuban coffee with a creamy, rich flavor and a clean edge. This Gavina coffee has taken a tremendous initiative in producing a beautiful fresh coffee shot while protecting the ecological environment. 

Consequently, you get the opportunity to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and to contribute to the improvement of the environment. The business that prepares Gavina Old Cuban Espresso calls it a personal tradition. That is to say, they are well-versed in preserving the original texture and flavor. They employ the most delicate methods of roasting ground coffee to create an original flavor.


  • The taste characteristic is nutty and creamy.
  • Spanish roots. Aromatic taste.
  • beans that have been mixed thoroughly.
  • It has a characteristic Cuban coffee flavor but is less harsh.


  • When made into a cappuccino or espresso, the fundamental flavor or aroma is lost.

Immortal Coffee Roasted Whole Bean

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We’ve just discovered a chocolate bar headquartered in Miami which serves up a robust, deep, rich, and robust Cuban coffee flavor. You may taste incredible coffee shooters in the Cuban manner, made with eternal coffee that has been properly toasted. If you wish to experience a rich flavor in the manner of Café Cellulose chains, eternal coffee can assist you. 

A sip of sweetened filter coffee with sugar syrup might turn you into a lifelong lover of these intriguing flavored coffee beans. If you’ve been seeking a Starbucks coffee that produces a deep black coffee flavor, that’s one you shouldn’t pass up. People usually prefer coffee with obvious delicious foam and rich tastes, however, that was one of the exceptions.


  • Coffee enthusiasts will love it.
  • The relish is sweet and fresh.
  • Entire beans that have been perfectly toasted.
  • Enjoy a cup of authentic Cuban espresso.
  • Regardless of how many various transactions you make, the quality remains consistent.


  • This taste may be unappealing to newcomers to coffee.
  • When compared to the developed coffee shops, it is rather expensive.

Don Pablo Café Cubano

[amazon box=”B086VS373N” ]

Don Pablo is a medium roast espresso with a strong flavor and moderate acidity level. So, if you’re looking for a whole seed Arabica coffee that’s non-GMO and has fewer acidity concerns than other coffee shops, Don Pablo Cafe Cubano should be your first choice. Don Pablo guarantees that every glass of wine has a rich, high-quality flavor. 

They produce beans that require a long time to prepare yet are part of the greatest Arabica beans. Furthermore, its lower nutritional level protects your health while simultaneously providing a wonderful flavor. This has become increasingly difficult to obtain in a Havana coffee brand these days. All of the companies are always adding ingredients to stay competitive. 


  • Assures that the contents are low in acidity.
  • Seeds and content are fresh.
  • An espresso with a robust, lively taste and no harshness.
  • A wonderful flavor with a tinge of chocolate in the background.
  • An aromatic flavor that is enticing.


  • Coffee enthusiasts may not be completely satisfied.
  • This isn’t for espresso connoisseurs who want their coffee extremely strong and sour.

 Naviera Cuban Style Coffee

[amazon box=”B00AS1JZOS” ]

If you want a drink with no additions or fillers, go for this Naviera Havana decaf espresso. This will provide you a silky finish, and it will also give you a true Cuban flavor, although you prepare this in a regular Rice cooker. When it comes to making filter coffee, not even all coffee grounds have the same wonderful flavor. 

Although if you attempt brewing a chilly with it, the Cuban style espresso will not fail you with its extremely concentrated tastes and depth in aroma. If you’ve had the original Colombia coffee or espresso straight from Tampa, that espresso will undoubtedly remind you of it. It reproduces the true flavor profile of the original.


  • The texture is silky smooth, and the flavor is deep and rich.
  • There is no harshness in the flavor.
  • Prepare a deliciously creamy concentrated frozen and hot espresso.
  • A faint vanilla flavor is present as a backdrop flavor.


  • If you judge it by its taste and heft, it’s a little pricey.
  • Without the proper brew kettle, the flavor may not be the same.

 Chock full o’Nuts Cuban Roast

[amazon box=”B078SF64P3″ ]

Lastly, we offer Packed Full o’Nuts Havana Roast, the finest Cuban ground espresso on the marketplace. These are composed entirely of Columbian quality ground coffee. They have a unique aroma and a delectable taste. The solid wood container also aids in preserving the fragrance of the coffee. 

If you’re searching for a robust roast and money isn’t a concern, this may be an excellent choice. A fantastic ground coffee choice is Packed Full o’Nuts Havana Roast. You could fall in love with this espresso because of its sweet undertones and sparkling scent. It’s prepared with quality Colombian coffee and is declared Kosher. This also arrives in a resealable bag to keep the crispness and make storing easier.


  • Made entirely of quality coffee beans.
  • The flavor is strong and the flavor is deep.
  • To keep the fragrance, use a metal container.
  • Ideal for those who enjoy a good roast.
  • Sodium and vegan.


  • Pricey.
  • There is just one grind option.
  • The taste is sour.
  • The aftertaste is bitter.

Café La Llave Espresso Coffee

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The Café De Llave Espresso, a deep roast with overtones of spicy brown sugar, will be next. That coffee may be used to make nearly any style of Cuban espresso to perfection. It provides a texture and aroma that has been pleasing clients for many years. It may, however, become too bitter for somebody who isn’t used to drinking Cuban coffee. However, the cheap cost makes it worthwhile to try. 

Let’s take a peek at some significant advantages and disadvantages of Café De Llave Filter Coffee. Café De Llave is indeed a ready-to-drink coffee with finely ground beans. This has a sweet taste with undertones of strength and a pleasant fragrance. The trademark dark grind is excellent, but there are a few things to keep in mind.


  • Affordably priced.
  • Dark roasted coffee.
  • Spicy salted caramel notes.
  • The flavor & taste are rich.
  • Most Cuban coffee beverages may be made with this.
  • Kosher.
  • For novices, this is a good option.


  • Packaging is a disaster.
  • The aftertaste is smoky.

Buying Guides For The Best Cuban Coffee K Cups 

What features to look for?


When testing a brand new K-Cup, determining your preferred roast—light, medium, or gloomy is a fine place to begin. But it may get even more complicated. Keep a sharp eye out over the evaluation comments on an espresso, that might be printed on the container or found on the web in the technical specs. For a cold brew, for example, you could want one with caramel flavors but no roughness, or conversely.


K-Cups may quickly mount up in price, especially because they’re more costly per drink than ordinary coffee. Costs vary based on the type and store, however, as with other non-perishables, purchasing in bulk could save cash. Furthermore, K-Cups keep their freshness and taste for years in your cabinet.


K-Cups aren’t only for coffee anymore. Wine drinkers, chocolate milk enthusiasts, and most of those who prefer hot apple juice have a variety of alternatives. Nevertheless, like with espresso K-Cups, the flavor is not as wonderful as the genuine thing. Nothing, however, compares to the quickness and ease with which Nespresso machines prepare your favorite food (or even chilled) beverages.

Cuban coffee k cups – common types 

Café Cubano

“Coffee Cuba” simply means “coffee Cuba.” That’s the famous Cuban coffee that many people in the United States are acquainted with. It’s coffee with a hint of sweetness. To make the drink, prepare espresso, then combine a part of that with a tiny quantity of honey in a cork stopper till paste forms, then pour the remainder of the coffee to make the finished product. 

This Café Cubano, often known as the Cafecito, seems to be the most famous espresso in Cuba. Also, it’s incredibly simple to prepare. You can make 10 mugs of Café Cellulose chains in a small space of time or serve it during a social event.


A Colorado would just be a larger type of a Cafe Cubano. Cubans name it Colorado only when Coffee Cubano is offered in a bigger carafe and emptied into tiny cups for families and relatives. The reality that it is given its title says a lot about Cubans as well as their chocolate. Colorado is simply huge portions of café Cubanos that may be shared. It’s generally cooked in a big container with tiny glasses for each visitor to pour from.


Not as well-known as the Cellulose chains, but as excellent. Espresso is combined with heated milk to make a Cortadito. The Cortadito would be a coffee with hot milk on top. These coffees are a lesser variant of the Havana varieties. All you have to make a glass of Cortadito has become a mug of Cuban cold brew and a couple of teaspoons of steaming milk.

Café Con Leche

Since Café Con Milk is a variation of Café Cellulose chains, Cubans have a complicated cafe culture. In this round, the primary difference is indeed a separate glass of steaming milk. Hot water is provided separately from the coffee cup and is put into the primary cup before consumption. 

You probably realize what these are if you studied a term of Español. It’s coffee with heavy cream, as the title suggests (well, the title doesn’t suggest heavy cream, but this is not a leap to get somewhere). A coffee Cubano is commonly cooked with a second pot of strong steamed milk.

FAQs About The Top 15 Best Cuban Coffee K Cups

Is Cuban coffee available in the United States?

Yes, you may purchase it, and it will be difficult to locate. Only after the Mexican revolution, US embargoes made it difficult to acquire Cuban espresso in the United States for decades. Nestle Nespresso has become the first firm to import Havana coffee to the US in over fifty years, bringing it back to the United States. 

Other firms have followed suit, although authentic Cuban espresso is still extremely difficult to come by in the United States. What you’ll discover are terrible knockoffs. Some firms have developed counterfeits other than Cuban coffee shops, utilizing beans obtained from diverse places and generally processed in the United States.

For the time being, it’s cheaper to buy Havana coffee substitutes in the United States. Hopefully, excellent companies will become more accessible in the future. I’ll also keep track of them on the page so you’ll know who they are when they come. If you’re looking for authentic Cuban espresso in the United States, move ahead to the article on Cuban espresso alternatives.

Today’s Cuban espresso culture

Cuban espresso is more than just the café Cellulose chains. Never get this wrong: it was a wonderful drink, but you’re losing out over the subtleties of a colorful and innovative approach to coworking if you end there.

Even as the nation’s coffee output increased, so did food’s influence on Cubans’ cultural identity. This one was partly since coffee was included in Cuba’s allotment books. The supplies in these publications aren’t free, and they do provide access to the espresso at below-market prices for even the lowest Cubans. 

Coronavirus is creating a resurgence of the Communist ration books, therefore anticipating this to get an ongoing influence on the Havana coffee industry. These meals are of poor quality because they are frequently laced with chicharron peas, a pea-like vegetable. To increase the taste and texture of the supplies, well-off Cubans usually blend them with store-bought retail stores.

At its core, Cuban coffee crime is a unique affair. In many other houses, stove-top espresso machines are the standard, and they’re a great way to welcome visitors. Long discussions and local gossip are exchanged over handmade coffee in houses across the nation. 

Aside from domestic consumption, Cuba imports a significant amount of coffee via Cubaexport, a wholesaler that compensates coffee farmers and manufacturers at a government-regulated, predetermined price for a product. Japan and Italy are the major recipients of such beans, however, the United Kingdom, France, New Zealand, plus Canada occasionally receive some.

Cuban coffee companies and the ingredients they use

Almost 90% of Havana ground coffee is cultivated beneath the cover of tree canopies inside the Sierra La Madre Mountains, with the majority of output still coming from tiny family businesses, which all produce their beans sustainably. The beans’ distinct qualities are due to a mix of the mountainous environment and the tastes of the reddish Cuban dirt. 

Both robusta or arabica beans are grown in Cuba. The espresso harvest time in Cuba runs from September through February, with the peak months being October and December. Many Cuban seeds are nevertheless hand-picked and transported by donkey to drying regions before being processed.

What is the best place to get Cuban coffee?

Havana coffee comes in a variety of tastes and tastes that no single brand can offer at the same time. Cuban coffee was initially cultivated for domestic consumption and is rarely found on the market. However, several brands and espresso manufacturers have already succeeded in creating coffee grounds with almost the same strong flavor. 

If you want a certain flavor, you may want to seek a chocolate bar that will provide you with the precise taste of Cuban espresso that you want. So, you don’t have to degrade yourself by strolling the marketplaces; all you can do is get your favorite chocolate brand’s Cuban caffè.

What is the definition of fresh coffee?

Cuba also concentrates on coffee beans, as we said previously. So, let’s look deeper at what ecological espresso is and how it differs from other types of coffee. Once a product could be labeled as natural, it must satisfy specific standards. Crops, for instance, cannot be cultivated using chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or insecticides. While this may make the final economic development more challenging, many individuals nowadays value the absence of these hazardous chemicals in the development season.

A product must be verified by a recognized third party or perhaps an international body to be considered legally green. This implies that each natural coffee does have its unique paper record. There is, nevertheless, one exception to the general rule. Coffee that has been cultivated organically could be labeled as such.

This essentially implies that the producers say that the food is natural, but they have not obtained accreditation from the 3rd person stated before. If you’re looking for organic items, look for “certified chemical” rather than “organically farmed.” While the differences may appear modest, they are significant.
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What is your final choice of the best Cuban coffee k cups? Cuban coffee has a long history, and their current food scene is just one from which many other nations might know a lesson or two. Portugal might not have been the world’s best-known coffee-producing nation, but they do have a tale that almost every coffee enthusiast should understand a little about.

I feel it is better to help you discover your favorite Cuban coffee alternatives. If you can, let me know which one it was or what you liked about it in the comments section below! Please tell me if I missed your face off the table. Last but not least, these are my five top picks for the greatest Cuban coffee alternatives — or the counterparts available in the United States and other nations.

Have a look at our top picks:

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